So I'm copying everyone and doing this.


12. Rhetta Mallory Wing's questions

How do you feel about Theo James' face? (It's pretty amazing)

His face is awesome, although I wouldn't consider it hot or sexy.

What religion are you?


Have you read any of the following books? Shiver, Legend, Divergent, THG, Ashfall, or The Selection??? If so, please share your opinion. If not. . .you really should, because they are AMAZING.

I've read Shiver, Divergent, and THG. Shiver was one of the best books I've ever read. It made me feel as if I was living in that world, and the romance wasn't over-stereotypical which I thought was amazing. Divergent was pretty good, but the second and third books were boring and confusing. I also thought the romance was pretty fake. All Tris and Tobias ever did was fight and make out. THG was very good. I liked how there was no love triangle (even if the media says there is), and Katniss was strong while still having her flaws. The second book was good, even if it was a little slow in the beginning. I really liked Johanna as a character, and Finnick, while a little overconfident, was also amazing. The third book was pretty slow and I got a little confused. It was still an amazing book and amazing way to end the series.



Name your top 7 fears, or less if you can't think of any.

Spiders, drowning, something happening to a member of my family, being kidnapped, letting people down, and being abandoned by my friends. (Yes, I know that was only six.)

If you saw a rabid fox in your neighbor's yard, would you be scared, and what would you do?

I would be nervous at first, but I would run to Nightsong's house, borrow a gun from her dad, run back to my house, wait for it to stop destroying my neighbors' lawn (I hate my neighbors) and shoot it.

I'm giving a lot of questions. . .

Yes. You are.


If your bestfriend moved to Florida TODAY, how would you react?

Well considering they live ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE OCEAN I would be pretty happy because then I have a better chance of meeting them.


Look up 'Dripping paint animals' on google images, and please tell me that the pic of the chameleon is awesome! (BTW I spelled chameleon right on the first try!!! It was lucky.)

I'm assuming you're talking (typing?) about this chameleon. It is very awesome, although the chameleon itself is somewhat creepy.

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