So I'm copying everyone and doing this.


6. Lia.'s questions

Are you actually a cat in real life?

No. I am a squirrel.


I've heard you have ADD/ADHD from a mumble you posted; what's it like having it?

Having ADD can be hard at times. It's not that bad when I'm taking my medicine because that helps, but without it's hard. The problem with my medicine is that it takes away my appetite. By the time lunch is ready, I'm not hungry even though I know I should eat something. That sucks. I didn't even know I had ADD until last year, and everyone had thought I didn't care becuase I kept forgetting stuff, even big things. And the constant fidgeting and not being able to focus doesn't make it any better. It's hard, but I think it has helped me grow as a person.


If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?

I want everyone to understand everyone else. I feel like if everyone understands where everyone else is coming from, everyone would be happier.


Do you prefer hot or cold? (With reasoning)

Im going to guess you mean weather. In this case I would prefer hot, because I hate the cold and I can eat ice cream without people telling me I'm weird (because of the temperature).

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