So I'm copying everyone and doing this.


14. FicocaRod's questions

1) What is your least favorite color.

The color of this person's nails.


2) What is your least favorite physical thing?

Bunny Lego blocks (especially when I step on them)


3) What did I put a full stop and not a question mark at the end of the first question?

Because you're weird like that. Don't worry, I am too.


4) Please could you not answer this question just to annoy Raven711?


5) If so, should I say thanks?


6) Erm.... anyway, if you were outside, with nothing on you (like, no books, etc.), and you could go anywhere you wanted that you could walk to, where would you go/what would you do? (Pretty random question, but I'm just wondering)

Umm.... The library


7) Not including sleeping/gorging yourself on the souls of your enemies, what do you tend to do when you're bored?

Go on movellas and talk to my friends


8) < I bet that's going to turn into a smiley face, isn't it?

It didn't in your comment, so I'm going to guess no.

9) Do you ever use double negatives to confuse people with lower IQ's than you?

No, but I'm going to now.

10) Please can you go back and delete your answer for question 4 if you answered it?

Didn't answer it! :)

11) Is this all the questions I'm going to ask?

No. I'm guessing not.

12) ^were you wrong?

Probably not.

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