So I'm copying everyone and doing this.


13. Evelyn Shadownight's questions

If you were locked in a room with bulletproof walls, doors, ceiling and floor, and the only three other people were David Cameron, Harry Styles and Niall Horan, and you and one other person had to eat one of the others each, who would you eat and why?

Just because the walls , doors, ceiling, and floor are bulletproof doesn't mean I can't pick the lock with the bobby pin in my hair.


What is your opinion on les Miserables?

Haven't seen it. Sorry!


Who do you hate the least: One Direction, The Vamps, or 5 Seconds of Summer?

I actually like all of them... Anyways, I hate 5 Seconds of Summer the least.


Would you rather eat yourself, kill a bunny, or go to a Justin Bieber concert?

Kill a bunny


Have you ever eaten a dustbin?



Have you ever sat on a plastic replica of the Elder wand and broken it in three different places?



Have you ever broken any bones, and if so, how many and where, and how did you do it?


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