Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


4. Training

                When I wake, I shower and dress. I put on a yellow t-shirt and gray stretchy pants. We don't have these kinda clothes back home.When I go out to breakfast I'm greeted by Landon, "Morning, today you two have training. Try shooting arrows, throwing spears, knives, and survival skills. You guys can gather. Do combat today and survival tomorrow the last day do both." He gives us a thumbs up and smiles. 

                Tresh and I go to training he says, "I don't think I'll be much help to you but. Do what Landon said. Okay?" he asks me. "Okay," I reply. "Oh and try to make some alleys or get some people in mind," he smiles and walks away. And now I'm left by myself. I go over to the knives and pick one up. "Do you need help, little girl?" the girl from 2 says with a smirk. Is she mocking me? "No," I say back trying to be strong. "I'll  have the instructor teach me. I don't want someone teaching me while she's planning out how to kill me." That made her quiet and she walked away. I learn how to throw knives but I'm not very good. I try spears, there so hard and really big. I try arrows and give up pulling back the string requires strength I don't have.  

             I ignore Landon's suggestion and go to survival. Fire making. I can make a fire and I impress the teacher there. "Your a natural!" she tells me. "Thanks," I say back and smile at her. Finally something I'm good at. After that I go over to natural foods where Katniss and Peeta are. Theres a couple I don't know. The ones that aren't in 11. "Your good at this," Peeta tells me with a smile. I blush a little and say, "Well I am from 11." They laugh and Katniss says, "Explains a lot." When we're down with training I realized something. I'm awful at combat but great at survival. But if I survive I'll have no way to kill someone. Then you better learn how to set some traps. I think to myself. 

            By the end of the week I have 5 good skills. 1. gathering, 2. climbing, jumping, and running 3. fire making 4. making a small foot trap 5. cutting things with knives. Thats it. I'm gonna die in the arena.


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