Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


8. Tracker Jackers

              As I jump from tree to tree I watch as the careers chase someone. I'm only watching because I want to know who it is and if I can help them some how.  I don't want to watch them die. Finally they stop at a tree and look up. I look over and see Katniss. They try shooting her they fail. Cato (the boy from 2) tries climbing but fails. Then I see Peeta again. "Just wait her out. she has to come down sometime," Peeta decides. They all agree. They set camp I look for a way to help Katniss. I like Katniss. I hear a hum in her tree and look up. I see a tracker jacker nest. I get Katniss's attention and point to the nest and she nods. She gets out of her sleeping bag she's in. Lucky, she has a sleeping bag. She climbs up with her knife and starts to cut the branch. I watch and notice she has a parachute I keep quiet though. After a minute or two she see's the parachute stops cutting and gets it and goes back to her sleeping bag and opens it. It looks like some sort of medicine. I go to sleep. By now I'm kinda use to the cold but not much. 

              In the morning Katniss is still sleeping, and so are the careers. A couple minutes later Katniss wakes up and see's me. She points to the nest and makes a sawing motion. I think she's trying to warm me that she's gonna cut the branch off. I nod gather my stuff and jump to the next tree, then to the next, and the next, I can still kinda see what's happening. A couple minutes later the nest hits the ground, and the careers scream, and start running towards the lake. Glimmer doesn't make it. The girl from Four gets half way there. Katniss then jumps out of the tree, and grabs Glimmer's bow and arrow, and runs. I start jumping and watch Katniss until she faints. I get down from the tree and drag Katniss to my camp, which isn't far away. I notice she took at the stingers. I collect some leaves that help with stings. I chew them up and put them on her stings.

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