Rue's Story

This is Rue's story in the games! It ends when she dies. Hope you enjoy!


1. Reaping

We don't work in the fields today because, it's Reaping Day. It's my first day in the Reaping, my names in there only once 'cause i didn't take any tesserae. As I walk to the square they prick my thumb and take my blood. I stand by the other girls my age we're all scared 'cause it's all our first time. The lady who picks the name every year comes on stage, I think her name is Tassy. "Welcome shall we start?" says Tassy. She shows a video of why we have the games. "Ladies first," she walks over to the bowl pulls out a name opens it up and walks back the the microphone. "Rue Lansing!" Thats me! I think. I walk up on the stage shaking and terrified. "Any volunteers?" asks Tassy. No one volunteers, of course. I think. "Okay now for the boys." She walks over to the bowl pulls a name out walks back to the microphone. "Tresh Caston!" Tassy booms. I know Tresh he's tall, big and determined. Are families are good friends so we hang out all the time.Tresh walks on stage and we shake hands. Then we board the train.

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