Five Directions

Cassandra doesn't like One Direction, at all. But after losing a bet to her best friend, Lizzie, she is forced to listen to every One Direction song there is. After a while Cassandra begins to love One Direction and confesses it to Lizzie.


11. The Number

Cassandra POV 

I wake up on Lizzie's floor, Lizzie spread out like a star on her bed. I groan and hit Lizzie with a nearby pillow, waking her up. 

 "What?" She snaps, rubbing her eyes. 

"I'm on the floor.  Again.  Jerk." I moan and sit up, grabbing my phone. I suddenly remember what happened last night. 

"Oh my god... We..." 

 "What did we do?" Lizzie sounds nervous, obviously only half awake. 

"Wake up Lizzie! How can you not remember that?!?" I jump up, grinning from ear to ear. 

"Concert... Backstage... ONE DIRECTION!" Lizzie's voice rises as she lists the the things she remembers. She jumps off the bed and grabs my hands, jumping up and down.

"Wait...  I remember them taking my phone and typing something."  I grin, grabbing my phone.

"Check your notes first!"  Lizzie shouts.

"Wow.  I never would've guessed."  I state, rolling my eyes.

I quickly type in my password and look through my notes.  Hmmm.  Nothing.  I look through reminders, Instagram, and even my calendar.  

"What about you're contacts?"  Lizzie whispers, anxious.

I open contacts and see their names pop up.  I gasp and see that they added their cell numbers.

"Oh.  My.  God."  I mutter.

"What?"  Lizzie scrambles to see my screen.

"They... Gave me...  They gave me their phone numbers!"  I shout, wanting to scream.

"Well you have to call them!"  Lizzie replies in a 'duh' voice.

"Girls!"  Lizzie's mom pops her head into the room, "Quiet down, Kevin's still sleeping."

"The boys from One Direction... gave me their numbers!"  I say in a yell-whisper to Lizzie's mom.

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