Five Directions

Cassandra doesn't like One Direction, at all. But after losing a bet to her best friend, Lizzie, she is forced to listen to every One Direction song there is. After a while Cassandra begins to love One Direction and confesses it to Lizzie.


4. The Contest

My dog, Sadie, barks as Lizzie knocks on the door. I jump off the couch and jerk the door open, nodding politely to her mom and dragging her up the stairs.       


"What took so long?!? We have ten minutes!" I panic, hurriedly closing the door. 


"Chill! I just borrowed a few phones..." She smiles and dumps out a bag I didn't know she was carrying. 


 "Yay! Good girl!" 


 "Let's put the number in the phones." She says simply. We know the radio station's phone number by heart and it only takes three minutes to type in the phone numbers. 


"All done... Now we just have to wait and call in." I sigh, bouncing up and down. 




 "Now!" Lizzie shouts at me, and we hit talk and speaker phone on all of the phones. "Looks like we have a winner! Now tell me, what is your name?" I hear the station host's voice from one of the phones. "Lizzie and Cassandra." I give Lizzie a thumbs up. 


 "So. Are you excited about winning two backstage passes to the One Direction concert on Wednesday?" The radio host continues. 


 "No, we hate One Direction, that’s why we called in. Of course we are excited about going to a One Direction concert! Why else would we call in?" I reply sarcastically, I hate stupid questions. 


"Well, you're pretty sarcastic there aren't you?" 


 "No not at all." I sigh. 


 "Well... Come by the station tomorrow at noon and pick up the passes. And girls, just so you know we are now off the air." The man replies, hanging up. 

"ONE DIRECTION!" Lizzie and I scream, jumping up and down.

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