Five Directions

Cassandra doesn't like One Direction, at all. But after losing a bet to her best friend, Lizzie, she is forced to listen to every One Direction song there is. After a while Cassandra begins to love One Direction and confesses it to Lizzie.


6. The Concert

"Everyone in the car!" Lizzie's mom calls out, we chose to take her car since it's a minivan. My mom had decided that she wants to come and Lizzie's little brother is sitting in the seat in front of me playing his DS. 


They aren't staying at the concert with us but since Lizzie's brother was already in the car they all decided to go to drop us off. I'm going to be 19 in a month... I think I can go to a concert with my almost 19 year old bestie. 


"Bye mom!" Lizzie and I both call out to our mothers. I call her parents mine and she calls my mom hers because we spend so much time at each other's houses we are all practically one very large family. We jump out of the minivan, running the rest of the way to the concert in our white skinny jeans and purple 1D shirts. 




 The concert was amazing, Lizzie and I are now in one of the many bathrooms changing into our dresses along with a few other teenage girls. Once dressed we realize we forgot high heels and laugh at ourselves. 


I just wear my graffitied converses and Lizzie wears her grey converses. My shoes used to be white but then I drew my name in bubble letters and doodled all over them, so they are now my graffiti.


"We are about to meet One Direction!" Lizzie squeals, jumping up and down. 


"Stay calm Lizzie!" I laugh, a grin stretching across my face. I silently fix my eyeshadow and mascara, no one wants to look like a slob in front of five insanely hot guys! We grab our bag and hurry to get backstage, passes in hand.                               




 After a minute or two we finally found the backstage area. I smile at Lizzie and we show the guards our backstage passes. They nod and we walk past them to the back of the line of teenage girls. 


"Ewww! Your dresses are sooo ugly!" Some girl shouts at Lizzie and I, her posse laughing. 


I ignore her and whisper to Lizzie, "Oh my gosh... Please help me I don't want to look like a jerk when I kick her ass." 


 "Excuse me I'm talking to you!" I just clench my fists. She grabs my shoulder and spins me around, "Don't ignore me you ugly bitch! Did you hear me?!? I said your dresses are ugly!" 


"Sorry if I don't want to look like a slut..." I cross my arms, looking the girl up and down. She is wearing a pink crop tee, pink daisy dukes and 6 inch pink heels. 


 "Are you saying I look like a slut?!?" She screeches. 


 "No... Not at all..." I roll my eyes. 


"Yes you ARE!!! You're a liar and a jerk!"                                                              


 "It's not my fault you're too stupid to understand that it was sarcasm sweetie." I give her a polite smile and I hear light laughter all around me. 


 "I'm not stupid!" She gasps. 


"Oh I'm sorry! Was that mean? I think the term your parents use are 'special'." I give her another polite smile and laugh as she stomps away, her posse following her. 


 "That was hilarious!" I hear a British voice call out. I whirl around to see One Direction laughing and watching me in interest. 


"Why, thank you." I grin, bowing. 


"You wanna take a picture with us?" Niall smiles, waving for Lizzie and I to follow. 


Of course, we follow them without hesitation. We enter a small room that they obviously use to greet fans and give out autographs. Lizzie and I pull our iPhones out and take multiple selfies with One Direction: serious, duck face, crazy, and dramatic. After the pictures are over each of the boys take my phone and type something in, turning it off when they are all done typing. 


 "Bye!" Lizzie and I call out, walking out the door and smiling. 


We pass the girl that told us that our dresses were ugly and I discretely smudge my lipstick to make it look like I was kissing someone. I catch her eye and give her a huge smile and a wink. She glares at me, notices my lipstick and gasps, lunging towards me. I fake a yelp and jump back, holding back my laughter as a security guard grabs her. 


 "That's why you're my best friend!" Lizzie laughs as we walk towards the exit, texting her mom that we are ready to go.

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