Five Directions

Cassandra doesn't like One Direction, at all. But after losing a bet to her best friend, Lizzie, she is forced to listen to every One Direction song there is. After a while Cassandra begins to love One Direction and confesses it to Lizzie.


3. The Call

I sing along to all of the One Direction songs, getting so attached to them I listen to them in the car before practice, in the car after practice, in the shower, and every other moment of the day. Thank God it's summer! I hear my iPhone ring and I rush to answer it, knowing it's Lizzie.

"Hey Liz!" I exclaim, turning off my music.

"Omg! Cassie I was right! You love One Direction!" She screeches, forcing me to pull the phone away from my ear so I don't go deaf.

"Kinda..." I groan.

"There's a contest on the radio! At exactly 5:10 the radio station will open up to all phone calls and the first one to call in gets two backstage passes to the One Direction concert on June 19 out in Nashville!" I almost drop the phone in a short moment of shock.

"But that's Wednesday!"

"That is why we HAVE to call in!" She manages to reply, obviously busy.

"That's the day of my championship game and trophy ceremony!" I sigh, rubbing my forehead.

"What time is your game and ceremony?"

"The game is as ten in the morning and the ceremony is at three in the afternoon. What time is the concert?"

"It's at nine at night you dork!" She laughs and I hear a thump as she either drops her phone or falls to the ground. I start laughing too, out of nerves and excitement.

"Lizzie! It's 4:50! Get over here right now!" I shout into the phone.

"Ma'am yes ma'am!" She mocks me and hangs up.

"Mom!" I shout, "Lizzie's coming over!" I turn on the radio and add the radio station phone number to my contacts.

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