story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


13. prom

We had a prom night again! This time Zayn and I were looking at each other just as friends! Harry invited me to the prom. Lou came to this. But in reality he was lonesome. If he wanted there were loads of young ladies that wanted to come with him to the prom. Jessie and I went for choosing the cloth. I suggested Zayn to invite Jessie! Jessie was really glad about that. Actually, she didn’t know that I told Zayn! I felt so strong at that time! Because Lou has been just like other boys in the school! I heard that they wanna have a TV show!! One Direction has taken tons of awards! Jessie and I found beautiful cloths and also we bought. I bought a little black dress with the bags and shoes. She bought a purple suit. It really went with her! I can’t even look at her eyes sometimes! Those eyes reminded me Lou’s eyes… in the prom Jessie and Zayn were enjoying everything! Harry and I was good! I rolled my hands along his neck and he also put his hands on my waistline. We were slow dancing. “Eliza… you know… you have really beautiful eyes!”He said and I blushed. He rested his head on mine. I didn’t want to answer him. He understood that I was shy! Then he expressed joy to myself! I looked at Louis’s sad face that was dancing with a young woman. “ I know you still love him… if you to make it up, please don’t leave me. Let’s just be friends!” He said. “Our relationship won’t recover… the thing that he did to me is out of question!” I answered. Harry coddled my hair and put my head on his chest. I saw that Lou was watching us sometimes.
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