story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


1. New high school

I am new at this high school. I am not very conversant with this situation. But I should thank God because I am not alone. My closest friend, I mean Margaret, is with me. None of us couldn't find the biology class. Of course biology was a lesson that everybody should give it. Even us, that we that should dance all the daylight. It was really hard. Margaret and I had difficulty in accepting  the entry examination. I really didn't pass the Ballet. It wasn't too horrible. I truly was in love with Hip Hop and Salsa. But unfortunately our school didn't teach us Salsa. By the way I could do that. Margaret was only thinking of the opposite sex. There is forever someone who brings out himself before every single. A tall boy with curly hairs named Harry started flirting with us. In reality, he was handsome, but I didn't want him at all.
- Hi! I am Harry. I can show you your next class. You have biology? Yea?
-Yup. But we can find it by ourselves.
In that location were some more short conversations as well. Only they were not significant. Margaret and I found that he is one of the most popular boys in this school. Some other girls on the other side were envying us. The girls who had eyes like the evils. I always liked innocent  eyes. Like my selves!!!

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