story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


3. my name

Margaret and I were with each other all the time. So in reality nobody knows our names. I institute that in here all the guys boast their tattoos. For instance, Harry had 27 tattoos. I wasn’t being mad if one of the boys took my name. But I don’t know why Louis didn’t want to come closer and ask my name. Something interesting just happened. Our school’s group that had 5 boys had an auditory sense. All the students invited. We received these sorts of auditions a bunch. They were singing a song together. Margaret, her sister and I were on the first train. It was the time that Louis sang a very decent song with his beautiful voice.
“Something’s gotta give now, ‘cause I’m dying just to know your name and I need you here with me now.”
He was looking at me at that time. Their group was full of energy. It looks like that there is something dangerous and explosive in them. I really wanted to tell my name to him earlier. I really didn’t know what was in me that attracted Harry to me. All the girls were dying to just walk for 5 minutes with him. He drove me to come with him and connect him in their boy band. Because he wanted to show me to his friends. He only wanted to prove himself. He twisted away his dress and showed his tattoos to everybody. Not his physical structure, not his face, not his behavior cannot attract me to himself. (Guys do not be mad. I love Harry Styles too) “did you know that I have 27 tattoos on my body?” He said “yeah. I heard that before…” I said. I did not show myself close to him at all. 

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