story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


6. mommy

“But… maybe my mom doesn't let me…” I stated that sadly. “Don’t worry about that.. I will do that” it was something that Louis said. It was so many times that Margaret spent all of her day with Harry. Harry wasn't a spoiled boy. But in reality she knew that I invited to a concert. When we were succeeding to our house I hold his hand and thrust him to come in our home. I wanted to show him to my mom. “Mom… mom this is Louis… he gave me a ticket for the concert” I said. My mommy doesn't let me at all! But after Louis’s forcing she let me. “I can keep her… I promise you to give her back home soon…” that was the thing Louis said. Louis and I were in my room. “What should I do for you to give this back?” I asked. “Hardly a small thing… come to our house and dance for my ma and grandma.” He answered it.
It wasn't really natural. I just had to do that. When he desired to go both of us were standing in front of the doorway. I didn't experience that my mom saw us all the time. Simply thank God we didn't cause anything bad. I called Louis and he wrenched back to me. I kissed his face so strong. The effect of my lipstick remained on his face!!! He kissed me on the cheek too. When I got back home, my mom was counting at me so oddly. But I only smiled at her!!!

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