story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


9. Lou's room

In Louis’s room we experienced heaps of fun with each other. He wasn’t the boy that I was thinking, he was actually better than that! I was sitting on the bed when he lay his head on my knees. “ Did I cause you uncomfortable?” He asked. I didn’t answer him, but just for showing my kindness I coddled his hair.
-I am so tired…
- I can go home now, so you can take a break!
- No, please… don’t go!
The door of the room wasn’t completely shut. Then his mama took a look in the room. Only both of us didn’t see. When grandma came, both of them got in the room. Grandma shouted” oh my God… LOUIS!!!!” I just scared! I thought that they mean, why Lou should put his head on your knees. I started to explain…
-Oh, I’m so sorry Mrs. Tomilson… Lou didn’t do anything bad!!...
Suddenly grandma interrupted me” no, dear! We didn’t talk about that… what happened to your room Louie? Why it is too messy??”
They just didn’t allow me to talk! Lou didn't really say anything. “ Next time if I see your room like this you’ll never see any carrots!” Lou’s mom said. “ Oh! Please mom… I really need carrots!!!” He answered it. I didn't really know what I should say.
In Louis’s mom hands, there were 2 glasses of carrot water and some carrots. They told me that Louis was in love with carrots from his childhood. “ I like carrots, too, ” I screamed. Lou stood up and hold me so tight. “You are the first girl that likes carrots!! “
He said to me. “So now Eliza will eat all the carrots lonely and she’ll throw nothing to you!” Lou’s mom said.
I told Lou that I will give you nothing!! Suddenly he changed his face to a spoof and innocent one! That was such a really funny face! : D I gave some carrots to him! He was truly in love with carrots and I didn’t know why??
“Eli! Let's just take some pictures. I wanna remember this day!” Lou told to me.
He forced me a set and I had to admit that. We are very pleased with all of our photos. My mom was completely shocked. She was just laughing with us. It was midnight that I looked at my phone. At that place were a text from Louis. It said: I love you Eliza! We had a nice day with each other.
I thought about that a lot! I ordered him in the answer:” I love you, too!”


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