story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


12. Discussions and recovering the relation ship

I really tried hard to forget that happening and also forget Louis. But forgetting was really hard. How could I forget Louis and Margaret? The people who I love? In reality, I was a popular girl in our school. I made friendships easily! No matter a boy or girl. I made a close friendship with Jessie. She was one of our members in the dance group. Her hair was blonde with blue eyes! I can’t stare at her eyes sometimes. Because it remembered the Louis’s eyes. I was sure that she can understand me well. Even better that Margret. She was at that party and she watched all the things that happened. I was going down from the stairs. Then Margaret came to me with a sad face. HOW CAN I FORGIVE HER??

-El…please wait a minute. I wanna explain about that night!

-be quite please! It doesn’t have any explain!!

After many discussions I stopped her. I had to do something for not to see Louis again and remember that bad event. There were lots of boys for me. I just planned for a simple friendship with other boys in their group. His name was Zayn. He had awesome black hair. He had a really kind heart. Actually, his voice was great! I liked him like a real friend. But there was a little problem. Louis and Zayn were in a same group. But thank God. It didn’t make any problem and didn’t interrupt me! I thought about Louis every night. About our beautiful times… about the songs that he sang for me “’cause I’m dying just to know your name….” it always made me laugh! I even can’t cut or burn our crazy pictures! Zayn really could understand my situation. He said that Louis asked about me every day! And I always answer him” better than ever”. I know it really hurt him! If I said that I hate Lou and there isn’t any love in my heart for him, it is clearly a lie! But I had to redress the work that Margaret has done to me… this time I really hate myself. Because I think there is a devil in my heart….!!!

After that event, I was really more sensible! Also, I cried easily! I started crying. So Harry came to me asked me how I feel? I explained everything while I was crying! So I had another boyfriend! I repaired my relationship with Harry! We started again! But that’s not hard to tell that I loved no one enough to Louis. Margret came to me while she was crying! did you do that to me?? I can’t BELIEVE that!!!!

-No need to believe! It is such a work that you did to me… Harry was in love with me before you!! So … now you can understand me better!! You forget everything so soon, Margaret!

I thought that I am just like an evil! Sometimes I hated myself! I knew that the one who is really hurt is Louis! I could watch the regret any time in his face! 


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