story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


8. Dancing

He did the thing that he promised. He took me behind the scenes and we removed some pictures with Celine. I resolved to place them in my album. When we were in the car he gave me a piece of paper. His telephone number was on it. The day afterwards that we both had a history class. Margaret and I were sitting side by side to each other. I wanted Louis to understand being friends with him is not merely because of the concert ticket. I wrote this on a piece of paper and sent it to Louis. After that Louis looked at me and winked at me. That was a lot of time that Margaret didn’t know anything about our friendship. So I explained that in 45 min on the line. I saw a message on my phone. That was Louis “you promised me to do something instead of the concert!!!” I remembered my promise. I told him the answer:
” I know… is tomorrow good?”
“Yup. I will pick up you at 5.”
On Tuesday, I wore my best dance clothes and I picked up my hip hop hat, my Spanish skirt and my ballet shoes. Also I brought a CD from some songs like
At that time I could understand that Lou wasn’t a shy boy at all. He was just too funny!! I really liked Louis’s mom and grandmother!! They were really nice and kind. Louis stood downstairs and told me that I can alter my clothes on his room. His room was quite messy. But I found very exciting things. Like the Beatles posters and notebooks with lots of music composition. After changing my dress, I started downstairs and I saw Louis’s mom and grandmother were sitting along the couch and they were waiting for me. I shied!! More than everything I shied Lou! Because of his way of looking and smiling. First of all I performed the Black Swan ballet. I tried to apply all my emotions and do my best work! He was deceased in my perfect dance! Mommy and grandma were looking at me with a deep serenity. I told Lou that he should dance hip hop with me! I wore all my hip hop clothes like my cap… I told him that he doesn’t need to learn all the steps. It was such a funny scene! He was not a good dancer at all! He was merely sticking out behind me, spread his legs and move! And I put one of my hands on my cap and the other was moving and doing the steps! “You know… I can Jive and Swing…”Lou said. I asked him how? He just stood next to me and started flopping!! I started to show him the true way of Jiving and Swinging! He was just moving his and said” it’s true!” I was trolling under Lou’s hands without any shyness! The grandma was just admiring! But Lou’s mom stood up to fetch us some meal… 

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