story of my love (this name may change!!!)

this is a story about a new girl with her friend in a new high school


11. Awful day

On Friday, Margaret came to our house earlier for helping. The guys that we invited weren’t a bunch. Just like Jessi, Liam (he was my old ally), Maria and others. Everyone had a great time. Harry didn’t come to the party. I wore a beautiful cloth that my father brought that from Scotland. It had a bow on the back. Lou was wearing jeans with jean polo. I wish that we never had a party. Katy Perry’s song was on the replay. Liam and I were speaking with each other about the book that we already read. It is so exciting for you to know that Liam was on the One Direction group, too. I wish I wasn’t too much sure about Louis and Margaret. Maybe if Harry could come to this party anything bad never happened. I understood that Lou and Margaret are flirting. But I was really sure about them. I thought they won’t sell-out to me. But that was wrong. My speaking with Liam had continued… “I have been reading Twilight about 1 year ago!” I said. Liam had stress in his eyes. “Did you read Pride and Prejudice?” he said with worry.

I worried, too. And I wanted to look at behind. But Liam turned my head and said” don’t look over there!” But I had to do that and I also did! What an awful scene! I just can’t explain that! There were 2 love birds on the sofa in front of the TV! They were kissing each other on the lips! On the table there were some drinks! Both of them drank a lot! That 2 love birds were my best friend and my love!! I never thought that it may happen in never land! I heard the voice of my heart breaking… my tears came down from my brown eyes. “How could you do that to me??? HOW???” everyone just turned to me! I couldn’t do anything except running to my room. “ GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!” Everybody left the house, even Margaret…But Louis and Liam didn’t! Lou was just knocking my door and supplicating to explain. I was just darning to him. But he didn’t say anything. He should not to say actually. “ El… Let me explain… your love is still alive in my heart… I drank a lot!!! She started!!” Lou supplicated. This time I ended to his supplicating. “nope Louis…not now. I can’t speak now. Go and leave me alone!!!” I cried. My Mommy told me before that I’ll be home at 8 o’clock. Liam stayed until my mom’s coming back. Actually, I didn’t speak with him a lot. Because I really wanted to be alone and spent all the night in my bed. “Something bad happened to her tonight…she is not OK…” these are the things that Liam told to my mommy. My mom also forced me a lot to enter my room! But I didn’t let her. 

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