Romantic Oneshots

Here's some of my many oneshots! Of course,I'll post them here..but as well on deviantart. So I hope you like it better than the old ones I made (though I still like the Jack Frost one a little...)


3. Zuko X Reader:Prince or Pauper

Zuko x Reader:Prince or a Pauper

You were alone,in the woods,picking up some Jasmine Flowers and healing herbs. Your younger sister was sick and you were the only one it the family who knew how to heal;zour father had died in a fight against the fire nation and your mother neglected you. So,technically,you were more of a mother to your sister. If you were a different person,you wouldn't be that forgiving...but it was the Prince,Zuko,that had killed her father,since he knew where the Avatar was. You understood his pain and suffering,so you forgave him JUST a little. You hummed and tried to identify a small,purple flower as you thought about how it would be like if you met the Prince himself.

Suddenly,you felt two burning hands covering your mouth. "MMMMM!,"you tried to yell,but your captor's grip was tight and firm. You thrashed about,trying to EARTHBENDERS your way out,but it was hopeless... Well.....except for one thing.

You pretended to be knocked unconscious as the man scoffed,"Weak,"and carried you to the fire nation ship. You tried hard not to laugh as you opened an eye a little bit to find someone in the shadows. Who was it?

Metal. Cold hard metal. You were aboard a ship made of it,and the Fire Nation thought that you were weak at this point. Most earthbenders couldn't control it,but you got help from a friend. This friend,you thought,was the best friend you've had. She visited you once,only because she was with the Avatar,but promised to stay with you if your side won the war.

By now,you weren't too far from the shore,but on the ship.Just the length you should be,actually. 'Theyre making it too easy,'you thought as you pretended to awaken. "Ugh...,"you acted. "Rise and shine sleeping beauty,"one of the men jeered. "Your 'castle'awaits." The gullible men laughed as you pushed them away and put them in metal spheres,dumping them into the ocean,giving just enough time to catch the basket with everything in it safely.

"That was interesting,"you smiled smugly as the fire benders on the ship gaped at your abilities. You laughed and skipped to your original spot as the ship sailed away.

"Nice job you did there,"a voice you thought you'd never hear said. "I didn't know earthbenders can bend metal."

"What are you doing here?,"you asked. Although you understood him,it wasn't likely that he understood you. He maybe still sees you as a threat,giving you the instinct to make a weapon out of the rock beneath you.

"Calm down,"Zuko tried to soothe you. "I'm just here to talk to you."

"But,"you say. "That's what you ALWAYS say. You say that you want to talk to us,then when we just want to keep things private,you just KILL US!" You cried,threw the weapon down,and thought about the day your father was murdered.

Silence stirred between the two of you. None of you moved,or so you thought. You heard his footsteps behind you and right as you turned,you saw him walking away. "No one,"he mumbled,with choking sounds:crying. He was alone. THE PRINCE was alone. You waited then said "Hey." He turned. "Why not come over to my place for dinner? They won't know who you are."

~:Time Skip:~

"So who's -AHCHOO!- your new boyfriend, _______?,"your sister,Marie,asked,eating noodles. "He's not my boyfriend,"you simply say while looking at Zuko dying of the confusion whether he should be mad or amused. "But who is he?,"Marie asked. Oops. The name. "My names...ah....,"Zuko thought. "Ping." You coughed into your napkin,trying not to show you were laughing. He knew to be annoyed,but smiled a bit too,as you two continued the conversation with Marie.

~:Yet Another Time Skip:~

"That was,"you giggled. "Interesting."

"Well it is true,"he said. "My uncle actually eats ducks."

"My sister never eats anything with a face,"you say.

"My sister burns everything with a face,"he sarcastically joked.


"Yeah,she's really should see the books she reads...when she DOES read."

You smiled. You'd think that never in a million years you'd be sitting at your front porch and having a fun conversation with a firebender,much less the PRINCE. you both stared out into the open where there was noting but grass and chicken-monkeys.

"What did you want to talk about?,"you asked.

"Huh?,"Zuko asked in reply,confused.

"You wanted to talk,"you explained. "Talk."

"Well,"Zuko said. "You probably wouldn't trust me with this...but I'm looking for the Avat-"

You just stood there,shocked. He was just trying to seduce you. You forgot:he was a firebender,they were all heartless,selfish,and cruel. He had killed your FATHER! He changed everyone's lives,especially yours. You cried and ran into your room as your heard his voice calling "_______! _______!"

"Why?,"you asked yourself out loud,clutching your pillow. "Why did I trust him?! More importantly,why did I BEFRIEND HIM?! He's a firebender,you're an earthbender. They're against your people more than anything. He never changed. Neither did you.

"_______?,"Zuko asks you,opening the door. "Get away Zuko,"you cover yourself with a blanket. "I don't need you." "But I need you. I've got to--,"he began to say,but you cut him off with,"Find the Avatar and restore my honor," in a mocking voice. "But that's not the reason!,"he yelled,though his voice began weak. "I want to prove that I changed!i want to prove that I'm a different person! The Avatar MUST have a firebender to train with or balance WILL NOT be restored! And I want to make it up to you..." Your eyes widened as you got up and looked at him. Prince Zuko,the Prince of the Fire Nation,dressed in earthbender rags,and kneeling on your floor,crying. This isn't something you didn't see everyday. Then again,the day itself wasn't so normal. His LIFE itself wasn't so normal:a Prince who had transformed into a Pauper.

You made up your mind. You got up,and hugged Zuko right then and there. You were right, he WAS a heartless person. He WAS an ignorant murderer...but he changed. Now he wants to save lives. "________,"he hugged you back.

You thought that earthbenders and firebenders would never have anything in common,but you and Zuko had one thing in common:you really cared about each other and never wanted to let go.

Yay!!! I finally made a decent oneshot!!! :D so do you guys like it? Something not superheroes or X Men for once,eh? I'm planning on doing Scott Summers though XP But not until I finish the one with a guy whose name starts with L and ends with Z ;3

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