Romantic Oneshots

Here's some of my many oneshots! Of course,I'll post them here..but as well on deviantart. So I hope you like it better than the old ones I made (though I still like the Jack Frost one a little...)


4. Leo Valdez X Reader:Anytime

Leo (Valdez) X Reader: Anytime

You sat on the chair in your room,feet up on the table,listening to the song "I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan. This song was old,and unpopular,unless you wanted to watch an AMV or something. But it described most demigods:alone,afraid,no one to care for them,no one to care for...until they arrive at Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter. That changes everything.

"_______!,"you heard a muffled voice call. "_______!!!"

You lift your head,and put down your feet to find Alyssa and Trista.Alyssa was a daughter of Ares (A/N:to the Alyssa I based this off of,I have no idea who you'd want as a godly parent,so I just chose Ares)and had much resemblance with her father. She was a Natural fighter and when you get to her bad side (maybe on a bad day) you probably don't want to stay near her from within a mile. Trista is a daughter of Posidon,though when it comes to Academics,she acts like a spawn of Athena. Very bright,very intelligent. But she wasn't those people who never had fun.

"Lyss?,"you ask,putting headphones down. "Tris(PUN INTENDED) What're you doing? It's not even dinnertime!"

"Well,"Alyssa started. "Tris and I made a bet about two new guys who came." Ok,now you were happy. Though you weren't in the Aphrodite group,you fell for most guys, as long as they were cute,funny,smart,but at the same time,a little klutzy. People like that were hard to come by and your friends knew it...that's why they'd come in here.

"Ooh!,"you said excitedly. "What's their name?"

"One is named Jason and the other is Leo,"Tris explained. "We made a bet on whoever you'd fall for first. I'm betting on Jason."

"Team Leo here! (And NOW you know where THAT came from ;3)!"Alyssa yelled a little too loudly just as two people came in. One was poor injured Jake Mason. You knew it was due to an injury caused by one of the dragons. The other one? He was someone you hadn't seen. He had darkish skinand curly black hair and was wearing suspenders and a white shirt.

"Uh...,"Jake said uncomfortably. "Are we interrupting something?"

"N-no!,"you stammered,eyes still locked on the new one.

Then Jake turned to the new one. "This is the Apollo cabin. As you can see,the (hair color)ed girl is (_______)"

The newbie nodded,then turned his gaze to you,checking you out. "Not bad,"he smirked. You felt your face burning,which was probably no surprise,since you had photokenisis:the ability to control light. Pretty rare for Apollo descendants,considering only HE could control the sun and the light.

"And the black haired one and brunette are Alyssa and Trista..but most of us call them Lyss and Tris,"Jake stretched his explanation. "Ladies,this is Leo Valdez."

Ok,you thought. This IS one of the guys your friends talked about. You turned to the two and saw Alyssa holding her hand out,then seeing Tris shaking her finger, as if to amend the rules.

"Well,that's the last cabin!,"Jake said. "Hope ya have fun here!" And with that,he went away.

Leo walked behind Jake,then turned around to the Apollo cabin. "Oh I know you!,"he exclaimed,pointing at Alyssa. "I saw you at the Ares cabin...but why didn't Jake introduce? And you look really familiar..have we met before?"

Alyssa looked at him more,then brightened up. "Oh! I saw you in Texas before! We were in that place where your mom worked..and I used to talk to you! Oh...and I was in the back reading. Most of the time,Jake knows better than to interrupt me in the middle of my manga books."

Leo smiled,probably happy that he met someone he had acquainted as a kid. Then he turned to Tris. "And you were Poseidon's kid,right? Awesome! You can control water and stuff like that,right? can I see?,"he jumped up and down like a little kid. Tris just controlled water from a nearby water bottle and brought it into her mouth. "Cool!,"Leo said.

Then he (FINALLY!) turned to you. You blushed as he got nearer to you,increasing brightness of the room. But he didn't mind. He seemed a bit more..relaxed. "And you're an Apollo kid,"he smiled. "Think you brought the sun too near? 'Cause it's getting light." He winked as you (physically) rose the brightness in thx room even more.

After a few minutes of you three talking,you already really liked him. He was funny,seemed smart..but still a little crazy and klutzy. You liked that. Also,he built machines. That was interesting,since you wanted a weapon. The last thing you asked him for before dinner was a new weapon.

"What kind?,"he asked.

"Uh...maybe a shield,"you thought,mentally admiring Captain America. "But can you,like,make a part where you press a button and blades come out of the side? If it's too hard,then that's fine.."

"Nah,shields like that are easy!,"he smiled cheerfully. "When do you want it?"

"Anytime,"you said.

"Ok,"he smiled.

After that everything was quiet. It was just like you were there,only with Leo. You stared into his brown eyes as he stared back into your (eye color) eyes. The moment seemed to last forever...until you were called for dinner.


At the campfire,the Apollo cabin was right next to the Hephastaeus. Why was that important? Leo was a Hephastaeus kid.

Then Chiron announced that there would be a new quest that Jason (you thought he was cute...not as cute as Leo,though,so Tris offered the money to Lyss since the Poseidon was next to the Ares)would lead. He could only take two people and one had to be a Hephastaeus kid,the other,and Aphrodite child. The safest way to travel was on air,and you had no chariot,or pegasi. So Leo volunteered. Nyssa had warned him that there would be a lot of danger and suffering and he didn't seem as excited. Then he pretended to brighten up and say, "Suffering? I love suffering!" To you, Biggest. Turn. On. Ever.

After Drew (really bad Aphrodite kid. Should be sent to Tartarus someday) bragged about how she should go and how charm would work,Piper,Jason's and Leo's friend,was claimed as an Aphrodite person. Her mother gave her a blessing where she put on unremovable makeup,a super nice dress,and an undo able hairstyle. Jason freaked out when she transformed,showing he wasn't single,which made Lyss snicker at Tris. You smiled and turned to Leo's cabin,but it was gone. You blinked. He was RIGHT THERE a minute ago! What happened? Wait...maybe he was going to get his ride...but what was it?

You ran into the area near the woods after searching everywhere else. There he was,standing there,ready to run into the woods. "Leo?!,"you exclaimed.

He turned. "I...,"he stammered,blushing. "Um...nice weather today,eh?"

You giggled,then put a straight face on. "Did you just try to run into the woods?,"you questioned him. "That's dangerous."

He shrugged,"Maybe I'm just I to danger." Then he winked at you (record:second time today a cute guy winked at you).

"Well,"you smiled. "Mind if I come with?" He beamed,then took your hand and ran into the woods.

You were pretty used to the woods. You've been living ever since you were 10. But Leo didn't seem to have seen anyplace like it.He stumbled in the darkness and you helped him. "You didn't even bring a flashlight?,"you asked.

"Hey,"he said. "I had NO time whatsoever. Quest is tomorrow!" Oops. You looked down,and blushed in the darkness,hands in pockets. He (surprisingly) seemed to notice and his voice softened a bit. "Hey,you know what I COULD do?,"he asked. You shook your head. He turned his head left and right just in case anyone would notice (not like anyone was there..). "NEVER tell anyone. EVER!,"he made you promise,putting his hand out for you to shake. You hesitated,but placed your hand in his (which were apparently really warm). Then he took his hand out of yours and extended it,sparking up a little flame.

"Wow..,"you smiled in awe. You never had much interest in the Hephastaeus cabin,but you surely knew THIS was really rare.

Leo beamed,"I know right?" Then his expression became sad. "But Nyssa said that whenever someone like me comes along,things don't work very well..."

You just stared at him. He was so happy (not to mention,flirtatious),yet he wasn't even wanted by his own cabin mates. That sucked. No question.

"Leo..,"you said. "I--,"you began to say,but you were cut off by seeing a dragon behind Leo.


Well,after helping Leo fix the mechanical dragon,oil was splattered all over you. It was horribly disgusting,but the two of you just laughed when the dragon puked all over you. Leo was going to take you back home when you wanted to explore the forest more,only for you two to stumble upon a place that was labelled "Bunker 9"

"Think we should go in?,"you asked as the dragon whirred in reply. "Doesn't look safe.

"But what if we can get him wings in there?,"Leo explained. "Besides,maybe it has to do with the Hephastaeus cabin"

You sighed,then opened the door to reveal a place made just for people to build. There were tools and blueprints everywhere,but everything was dusty and unfinished. You and Leo walked around in amazement and finally winded up in front of a blueprint of a boat,which Leo stared at,even more wide-eyed.

"That--,"he pointed at the boat, "was in my dream." You weren't surprised. Demigods ALWAYS had prophecy dreams,especially the Apollo kids,considering their dad was god of prophecies.

You looked all over it,and found your eyes on the head of the boat. There was a dragon head that vaguely looked like the dragon you kept right now. "Think he was made for the boat?,"you asked Leo.

He shrugged,then brightened up. "Oh yeah! We gotta get him wings!" At the same time,both of your heads turned to the table,which were parts that worked perfectly as wings for a mechanical dragon.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?,"Leo asked. You nodded and you two raced to the table.

One hour into fixing the dragon and you were really tired. You were dripping with sweat and oil and eye bags began to form under your eyes. You yawned loudly,TOO loud,and Leo looked at you.

"Y'know..,"he said. "You can go to sleep if you want. I'm just finishing the left wing."

You looked up at him. "Really?,"you asked,tired. He smiled and nodded as you leaned on him. "Ya know what we should name him?,"you asked.


"Let's call him Festus."

"That's a nice name,"he smiled even more as you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.

~:Yet Another Timeskip Specially Provided by Leo Valdez:~

By morning,Leo woke you up and you saw that the dragon was fixed and had wings. Instead of walking back to camp,you guys flew Festus and introduced him to everyone there. They were shocked at first,but Jason and Piped seemed fine with it. But soon,Leo had to leave for the quest.

"But,"you said. "What if something bad happens? You know that you have a higher chance of death than most of us,right?"

Leo chuckled,"and didn't I say I love suffering?"

You giggled as well,then became sad. "I'm really gonna miss you,"you said.

"I'm gonna miss you too,"he replied. There was some silence until his cheesy grin came back to his face. "I finished your shield,"he smiled.

"Really?,"you smiled back.

He nodded and took out a bracelet. "How does it work?,"you asked.

"Take it off,but hold it on the part that says 'I',"he explained. You did as he told and out came a silver,shiny shield that had blades coming off the sides.

"'s beautiful,"you smiled in awe,looking at it.

"Not as beautiful as you,"he replied.

You immediately turned to him,blushing madly. He giggled,and walked closer you you,and hugged you. "When do you want me to come back?,"he asked.

"Anytime,"you replied. "As long as it's soon and that you're alive."

He chuckled one more time,kissed your forehead,then hopped onto Festus as he flew away.

When he was gone,you pressed a button and changed the shield back to bracelet form and saw letters that made a message. You turned the bracelet as you read "I love you"

I don't know why,but I think this was one of my best ;) well.....maybe cause it was long XD

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