Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


9. can't help falling in love~ 9

I woke up got dressed than headed out with Marie to Charlie's place. When we got there we hung out there and eventually Sam came over to give Charlie company since he was third wheel. An now we are on our way to the fair, when we got there we went onto the Farris wheel than some roller coasters than my favorite since I was a little girl the marry go round.

**Sam's prov**

Me and Charlie have been getting to know eachother and he's actually really cool every now and than we'd stop talking because Chantal and Marie but than they'd go back to there girly stuff. We are currently on the marry go round an I couldn't help but stair at how beautiful Chantal looks as she is laughing and smiling than Charlie got my attention "so I know this sounds crazy and my parents will probably talk me out of this but I'm thinking of asking Marie to marry me" "yeah your parents probably will but ah I'm happy for you man" "really" "yeah of course" "I mean it doesn't seem to fast or anything" "of course not if you two really love eachother that much and the fact you two have been bestfriends for so long it doesn't seem crazy or anything to me" "yeah that's what I thought". After a while I decided to drop off Marie and Charlie whenever they wanted to go than I took Chantal to her favorite place and my new favorite place than I blasted the music so we could dance(slow dance) "I love this song" "you love a lot of songs" "I just love music it's almost like a part of me just as much as dancing is" "I can tell" currently we are dancing the the song 'all of me by john legend". I hate that I'll have to leave her I don't want to but if I stay she will leave me so ether way we will be apart I wish I met her before all this than I'd hopefully have a chance. "What are you thinking" "oh nothing" "oh okay it just looks like your thinking of something" "just how much I love you" "I love you too".

**Chantal's prov**

I'm starting to not want to go to Cambridge anymore I mean yes I loved the idea of it a while ago and I am so lucky I got in but there are other collages right and I don't want to leave Sam. "Chantal can I talk to you for a minute" "yeah dad I'm coming" I walked down stairs and to the kitchen where my mom and dad were "what's going on" "come sit down" "okay" I sat down on the bar stool and read a couple peaces of paper "I don't want you seeing Sam anymore I had a feeling something was off about him and all this explains it all" I can't believe this my parents looked into Sam's past and now there telling me I can't see him isn't it enough they control my life(well my dad does my moms fine) "you dug into his past why would you do that" "because you need to know who your with" "I know who he is he tells me everything" "even all this" "yes he did but that didn't and still doesn't mean anything to me it's his past" "a past can tell a lot about a person and he's not the right person for you" "I know who is and who isn't right for me and I am 17 I'm going to be 18 soon so I can make my own choices" "no you can't.. She what he's done to you already" "he hasn't done anything to me" "you meet used to do the things you do and especially this.... That's it I forbid you to see him" "you can't do that to me" "yes I can" "no I love him and you can't tare us apart" i got up and ran out the house. It's a good thing I already had my keys and phone in my pocket. I drove to Sam's house and knocked on the door to see his after answer "is Sam here" "yes he's here but he can't see you" "why" crap my dad did this "did my dad get to you" "it doesn't matter he can't see you" "well can you tell him I love him" "I can't do that" "why not" than he stepped out and closed the door "look I like you and I'm glad you make my son happy but I'm not risking my son going to jail or anything else so it's just easier for you two to just stay apart like your suppose to" I saw Elisabeth look out the window holding up a sign 'were moving soon' and my heart broke not only is the love of my life leaving after collage but were not aloud to see eachother "is it true you guys are leaving" "yes after Sam gets done with collage in a couple months were leaving" "why does he have to leave he's 19 an he's in collage can't he make his own choices" "yes but the fact your father has done this I don't want to leave him here alone" "I can believe this" I ran to my car and left speeding off to my favorite place as I was balling my eyes out with tears. When I got there I ran to my favorite place and went into the water not caring about my clothes getting wet I swam into the deepest part than stopped and let myself drown. I know it's not the best thing to do and it's not going to solve anything and all these other things but I can't live without Sam I can't even imagine it. As I was about to stop breathing and everything go dark I heard a splash but I couldn't move because of how much water that's already in my body I felt arms wrap around me and bring me up to shore. Soon I was laying on the ground coving up water when I was done I looked up and saw Sam "what is wrong with you are you stupid why would you do that do you know what that would do to me just finding out you killed yourself and I wasn't there to safe you or talk you out of it. I mean are you insane" "I'm sorry" "that's all your going to say it your sorry" "what do you want me to say that I couldn't stand the fact that my father did this to us that I can't live without you and even the thought of life without you kills me. I can't stand any of it I'd rather die than live without you I don't want to live with the pain it's to much. And I-" yet again interrupted by Sam kissing me "don't ever do that again you here me" "yes" "I'll take you home" "no Sam I don't want you to get hurt or go to jail" "oh yeah well than I'll see you one day" "wait what" "well we can't go sneaking around someone's going to find out than before you now it your father knows about it and plus you have to leave soon" "I'm not going" "what"

**Sam's prov**

"I'm not going" "what do you mean your not going" "I don't want to go" "you don't mean that you've wanted to go there for so long now and I'm not going to get in the way of everything" "no Sam I'm staying and I'm not leaving you and I don't care if my dad finds out one way it's my life my choices" I hate that I'm doing this right but she derserves better than me than all this "the truth is I've fallen for someone else" "what your lying" "no I'm not" she was quit for a moment and I could tell she was going to start crying "Sam I love you" god I hate myself right now "well I don't love you anymore" "Sam please what did I do wrong" "Sam I love you" "I'm sorry Chantal" and with that she left. I spent all night at her favorite place throwing and kicking an punching things because of how angry I am at myself I let the one person in my life that I truly love more than anything go an in the worst way possible. I went home around 6am and took a shower than put on some clothes than grabbed my stuff and left on my way to one of my buddies party's I looked at all of my pictures and all of Chantal's stuff on her apps an she still had the pictures of us on all of them, I'm so glad she never took them off and I hope she never does. When I got to toms house I right away started drinking and dancing with random girls soon I was completely drunk and making out with some random girl in the corner of the room till I felt a arm on my shoulder and pull the girl off me "wow man what happened to that Chantal chick" Tom asked me "Chantal me and her are done" "what happened man" "it doesn't matter" "yes it does you were in love with her" "I never said that" "you didn't have to man. Look your my bestfriend I know you more than you know yourself and when you were with her you looked like the most happiest man alive and that you were in love with her I've never seen you like that with any girl like ever" he's right Sam. Oh shut up Sam. No listen to me Sam he's right go get her back. No she doesn't derserve me. Yes she does now go get her now. "Hey Sam you okay" "yeah I'm fine I'm going to go I'll see you around"

**chantals prov**

After what happened with Sam I was on my way to Marie's house but it was raining to hard and not only that but I couldn't stop crying. I was almost there when next thing I now things go black. I wake up to it being very bright and there is nothing but white walls an I heard a beeping noise so I looked around and I was in a hospital bed and my mom, Marie, Charlie, Anna, Logan, and my little sister were in the room "what happened why am I here" "you got into a car accident" my mom told me, I got into a car accident. "do you remember what happened before that" Marie asked me "yeah I remember" but I wish I didn't though it would be better than all the pain that comes with remembering "what all happened" Anna asked "umm I got into a fight with my dad than I ran out the house and drove to the beach and hung out there for a while than when I drove back I guess I wasn't paying enough attention so I ended up getting hit" Marie liked at me in a way that said I know that's a lie "why would you do all that Chantal you had us all worried" Logan said a little angry like normal "I'm sorry I'm not perfect" "you are perfect but even perfect people make mistakes Chantal I'm just glad your okay we all are" Charlie said "thanks Charlie" "no problem" "wait where's dad" "he's outside filling out the paperwork you'll be able to leave tomorrow" "oh okay" than my dad walked in "okay so you can come home tomorrow and from than well go to out lake house" "what why" "because we need some family time" "can Charlie Marie Anna and Logan come atleast" "well they are like family honey" my mom added "yeah sure fine" "yay" Marie Charlie Anna an Logan cheered.

*a couple hours later*

"Chantal you have a visitor" the nurse said "okay let them in" I said cleaning myself up a bit(like I could do that I'm in a hospital for gods sake) when I looked up I saw Sam and I was so happy that he came here to see me but I'm also heartbroken because of all that happened yesterday "what are you doing here" I tried to ask calm but it came out angry and happy at the same time "I'm here because Marie called me and told me everything that happened so I had to come see you" thank you Marie but also fuck you "well you see me now you can leave" but don't leave "I'm not leaving" wait what I'm confused "I know your confused by this but everything I said yesterday was a lie I had to think of a way for you to move on from me" "why would you do that" "because I'm not right for you or atleast that's what I thought at first but now I realize I mad the biggest mistake of my life and I hope that you can give me another chance" "Sam your not wrong for me at all. You right for me absolutely right for me. I've never felt more alive an more happy in my life when in with you." "I know it's just your leaving and I'm leaving and you'd dad doesn't want us together" "I don't care I want to be with you and nothing going to stop me not my dad not distance anything" "but Chantal" "no Sam I love you and I want to be with you I'll go to collage out here with you and than from there well figure out everything with my dad" "Chantal I'm not letting you give up your dream for me" "that's not my dream anymore. My dream is you now Sam. Nothing ever made sense before but than when you came into my life it all made sense. Your all that I want Sam" "but I'm not good for you I'm not as rich as your family and I'm not as smart as them and well you know my past" "I don't care bout your past none of that is your fault and I don't care if your as smart or as rich just as long as were together I'm happy" "okay than what do you want to do" "well tomorrow I'm getting out of here and me my dad my mom my little sister Marie Charlie Logan and Anna are going to my family's beach house I want you to come" "but your dad" "I don't care and he can't do anything at the beach house anyway" "fine I'll go"

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