Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


8. can't help falling in love~ 8

"Sam I love you" "but I don't love you" "why what did I do" "nothing I just have fallen for someone else" "Sam please I love you I can't be without you please Sam I'll do anything just please stay with me please" "I'm sorry Chantal but it's over" "no Sam please"

I woke up with sweat all over me and I am panting for air "wow you okay" I looked at Marie who looked concerned "yeah I'm fine just a bad dream that's all" "oh you wanna talk about it" "it was about me and Sam" "wow since when do you have bad dreams about guys you like" "never and in this one he was breaking up with me" "he'd never do that he likes you too much I can see it" "he actually loves me" "how do you know" "well one we've already told eachother we love eachother mutiple times and last might we had a very intense makeout session and it if got father we would have made love but than you called" "oh I'm sorry" "it's fine I'm not ready for that anyway" "yeah yeah I know waiting for the right one and waiting till your married is first" "that's right" by the time breakfast was done me and Marie were ready for our day. We had breakfast than we grabbed out stuff than left "so were do you want to go" "oh I want to go skating" "okay than skating it is" when we got there we payed for out skates put them on than headed out after a couple hours of skating with Marie and eating pizza there some guys that kept staring at us came up to us "hey there you wanna come skate with us" "we'd love to" "okay cool" I took Marie aside "Marie are you kidding we have boyfriends and-" "Chantal it's okay to still have fun and have friends while dating you have a lot to learn from me about dating don't you" "yes" I have to admit I'm new at this Sam is like my first actual real boyfriend "okay than come on" "fine" Marie started skating with one while the others skated with other girls and I am skating with another one I guess me and Marie really are beautiful because first Logan now Sam and still Sam I mean hello he is my boyfriend and now this guy and he is the hottest one out of all of them "so what's your name baby" wow umm what "my name is Chantal and don't call me baby" "okay than Chantal how old are you" "I'm 17 how old are you" "I'm 18 and by the way my name is tom" "that's nice" "yeah" than his arm went around my waist so I moved "I'm sorry if you don't want me to I won't" "thank you" I looked at the time and it's about time for couple skate to I went to get off but tom grabbed me before I could fully get off. Every time I went to get off he'd grab me again and I started to notice the other guy was doing the same to Marie and Tom was doing to me so I slowed do so me and Marie were next to eachother an I gave her the look so than we both acted like we injured ourselfs so we could go sit down and get out of here when the guys carried us out than I texted Sam and within a second he was infront of me "wow were you already here or something" "yes I was an I saw those dudes on you" "Sam it's not what it looks like" "I know I trust you and I kinda saw" "what are you like following me" "yes I'm sorry I just couldn't help it every since Logan started getting that way I haven't been able to stay away from you" "Aweh that's cute" "so are you really injured" "no I'm not I faked it" "oh okay good" I switched me shoes than grabbed all my stuff my arm wrapped around Sam's waist and his arm around my shoulder while Marie is next to me as we are ready to get into the car the dudes come out "hey buddy those girls are ours not yours" I mad sure Marie was in the car since she doesn't have anyone to protect her since there is only Sam alone against all of them "did you not here me they are ours buddy" I could see Sam get angry like he did at my house the one night so I grabbed his arm "babe calm down" "what babe is he your boyfriend" one of the guys said "yes I am and she's my girlfriend and if you every call her yours like she is something you but or touch her like that again I'll blind you" "wow a big tough guy well you can get all of us can you now" "I can try" "Sam please can we just leave" "you and your friend are not leaving" "you can't tell me what to do I'm not yours asshole" "oooh shouldn't of said that" one of them said and the next thing I knew one went to throw a punch at Sam so I jumped in from of Sam and blocked it. Wow I never knew I could do that, next thing I knew there was a fight between me and all four of them and I won yes I was bruised on my hands and my ankles hurt a little bit but I was fine they on the other hand were injured and ran from me. When I turned to face Sam he was shocked and so was Marie "how did you do all that" Sam and Marie asked "I don't know I didn't even know I could do all that" "well you were badass you gotta teach me that" Marie said with a big smile "okay I'll teach you after I teach myself"

oh god did I just make Sam not love me anymore because I'm probably stronger than him "Marie can I talk to Sam alone please" "yeah sure I'm going to take the car I'll see you at home" "okay bye" "bye" than she left "Sam I'm sorry it's just I knew they were going to hurt you so I had to do something than when that happened I couldn't stop and I'm sorry I really really am sorry I won't do it again if it makes things better I'm so-" I was cut off by Sam kissing me "your fine I promise if anything that was badass I loved it just as much as I love you" blushing "I love you too" as we were in the car heading somewhere Sam said "oh yeah I listened to SoMo since you like a lot of his music and I get why I like his music to that one song we danced to I like his song called 'ride' I like 'crash' I like and 'hush' and this song called 'show off' I like too" "oh my gosh those are my favorite too" than he turned it on blasted it and we both started singing to it. When Sam stopped the car I looked out the window to see a house with millions of people "where are we Sam" "one of my buddies parties I hope that's okay" "yeah it's fine" we walked in "do you want a drink" "yes please" "hey there" "um hi" "so you here alone" "no I'm here with my boyfriend" "oh that sucks because your really-" "hey man I see you've met Chantal" "oh this is Chantal sorry man" "why you sorry" "he was hitting on me" "come on man can you not please" "I can't help it she's so beautiful and I didn't know" "than be more careful you idiot" "well hello Chantal I'm Sam's buddy my names roshon" "nice to meet you roshon". Things were going good so far me and Sam are dancing an everyone's happy so far my summer is the best summer "oh no" "what's wrong" Sam asked "nothing" "liar come on tell me" "can we go somewhere quit" "of course" we walked outside were it was more quit "so what's wrong beautiful" "I just started to think about how great my summer is going and how much I love you than I realized it's summer and what's going to happen after summer so far it's been a month and a half so we only have another month and a half together so what's going to happen after summer I'm gong to Cambridge than your still out here and well never see eachother again unless we have a long distance relationship but eventually your going to meet someone knew and just-" "hey calm down it's going to be fine" "no it's not what's going to happen after summer" "you never know but one thing I do know is this is not just any type of love and it's not just going to be a summer love" "you don't know that" "yes I do" "how" "you'll find out one day" "yeah sure I will" "cheer up will you just think about how much fun your having now I mean you are having fun aren't you or should we go somewhere else and have fun" "no I am having but now it just kind of went away" "okay than let's go somewhere fun how about swimming" "I love swimming" "okay swimming it is you wanna go home and get your swimsuit or should I just buy you one" "I'll just go in my bra and underwear" "really" "yeah and besides it's just going to be me and you I have this secret place I swim at" "okay than let's go".

**hours later**

"Wow this is your private place to swim" "yup has been since I was 10" "cool I never knew it was back here" "nobody does not even I did I found this when I ran away from home once I came here because it takes all my problems away along with listening to music and I went deep in here because they found me than I found this place" "why'd you run from home" "there was a lot of fighting and stuff back than but things got better after I ran away" "oh well I'm really sorry" "don't worry about it it was a long time ago" I grabbed his hand and took him with me and than started to take my shorts and top off than hopped into the water with Sam coming in after me an we swam all the way out than I wrapped me arms and legs around him and he wrapped his arms around me "I love you so much Sam" "I love you too Chantal" than we kissed.

A couple minutes later we are laying out on the grass laying on our clothes having a heated makeout session when I realized Sam's hands were going father down so I stopped "I'm sorry Chantal" than he went to get off so I got up with him an turned him to look at me "Sam" than he looked into me eyes and I gave him the look "are you sure because I don't want to pressure you if you want to wait I'll wait I can wait" "I'm ready Sam I want to with you right now" an with that our lips touched again. Sam slowly took my underwear and bra off and I took his boxers off than he slowly slipped himself into me and from there we had been making love almost all night.

**Sam's prov**

I can't believe I made love to her I mean I'm happy about it but I feel like I pressured her to do it even though she said it was fine. I dropped her off at home after so she doesn't get into anymore trouble than she probably will get into than headed home "hey son how was your day" "it was good dad how was yours" "it was good looks like well be moving soon" "what were still doing that I thought this was the last time" "I'm sorry son so did I and I know you and that Chantal girl are really in love but it's just summer and it's my job" "no I'm not leaving and even you said to keep her and that you liked her" "I do but I can't quit my job" "well I'm not leaving her" "let's not talk about this now okay well talk about it another time" "I can't believe this" I ran up to my room and locked myself in there I can't believe I have to leave her I don't want to an I don't want her to leave me I love her so much. *ding*

From Chantal:

I had the best time of my life tonight I'm so glad Iost it to you I love you (:

To Chantal:

Me too I love you too so much!

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