Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


7. can't help falling in love~ 7

After yesterday things have been great Marie is with Charlie still as Anna and Logan are staying quit which is good cause I don't want to hear it an also my family is super happy and chill today. After last night with Sam and his family when I got home I decided to post the picture of me and him on every possible app I have(twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) an even made it my phone screen. "Hey Chantal Logan is here" oh crap I hope nothing happens "okay mom" I cleaned my room and than grabbed my phone an put it into my pocket than Logan walked in "hey Chantal" "hey Logan" "what you up to" "just about to go out" "oh in that" I looked an I had blue vans sweatpants and a tank-top on than I walked over to my mirror and my hair was in a pony and my makeup was on point "what's wrong with me I think I look fine" "okay than" wow what an asshole "okay so why are you here" "I'm here because I wanted to see you" "okay you did but I have to go you can just get out whenever" I walked out and was halfway down the stairs with my phone and keys in my hand to start calling Sam when I felt arms around my waist and than pick me up and take me back to my room "what is your problem Logan" "you are my fucking problem" "what is that suppose to mean" "whenever I'm around you I miss you and whenever I'm not around you I miss you more" "okay well that's not going to change anything" "well what else am I suppose to say to you I've told you I love you that I miss you that i need you that I wanted you to choose me but you didn't" "Logan we talked about this I'm with Sam and I love him and-" "wow wait a minute you love him" "yes I love him" "how could you" "Logan stop it now" than I took my chance to run. I ran all the way outside but before I could get into my car Logan caught up with me and started to grab me causing me to loose grip on my phone an keys "MOMMY" I yelled because his grip on me was getting hard and he was going to hit me "MOMMY" I yelled again and my mom came running outside "LOGAN YOU GET OFF MY DAUGHTER AND GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW" than Logan let go of me and went into his car and left leaving me shocked I dropped to the floor and started to cry as my mom came up behind me and held me close to her.

A couple minutes later a car showed up infront of the house I looked up and it was Sam so I got up and ran over to him and wrapped me arms around his neck and nusled me head in his neck/chest as his hands were wrapped around my waist "hey it's okay I'm here now nothing will happen now I promise" he said trying to calm me down as he grabbed my face and whipped my tears away an i shook my head in agreement to what he said. My mom handed me my phone an keys and we went inside "I'll get you your favorite some sweet tea" "okay thanks mom" than she left into the kitchen "what all did he do to you" I looked at Sam and he had this worry look in his eyes as he stared at me arms which made me look at them an I saw how bruised they were "oh umm he just grabbed onto me when I was outside than tried to hit me but my mom stepped in and he left" now Sam looked super mad his fists clenched and his eyes burned with anger "I'm going to kill him" an he stood up an so did I "Sam don't leave it alone" "how he hurt you I and I know why I heard everything" "how" "you called me I guess you forgot" oh yeah I did call him "well still just don't I don't want him to hurt you or you end up in jail" "I don't care" "I do I love you Sam" an even though he is flaming angry I still grabbed onto his arm to make him look at me than I grabbed his face and pulled him toward me and kissed him. The more we kissed the more he calmed down so I guess I'll have to do this mor often but than he let go "I don't want your mom to walk in on us like this" "yeah okay" than my mom walked in "here you go honey" she handed me my sweet tea an I drank it "thanks mom" I said giving her a hug than she looked at my arms too "should I send the family" "no mom don't it's nothing" "it sure as hell isn't nothing he hurt you" "mom it was just this once and it doesn't hurt" nothing "mom I promise I'm fine and if it happens again than you can call the family" "okay fine but I'm still not okay with this" I looked at Sam than to my mom "oh right mom this is my boyfriend Sam, Sam this is my mom" "hello ms. Brown" "hello Sam and feel free to call me Mela" "yes ma'am" "so Sam how old are you and how long have to two been together" oh man really mom not the questions "I'm 19 and we have been together for about a month and a half but I count it all from the moment I met her" "Aweh that's cute so do you go to collage or have a job" "yeah I go to collage but I'm on summer break and I do I work in one of the stores on campus" "okay that's good well as long as you treat me daughter right and make her happy than I'm happy" "I'll do anything to make her happy and I'll always treat her right" than his arm went around my waist and he held me close. "Mommy mommy I want this" "more princess stuff" "yes please can I get it" she said now showing me what she wanted than she noticed Sam "who's this Chantal" "this is my boyfriend Sam. Sam this is my little sister" "hi" "hi sam.. Can you get me this please" "really I don't think-" "oh course I will" "YAY I love you" she said than hugged Sam and me and my mom just laughed "I might as well get your dad" "no don't do that" but I was to late she already called him down and he was halfway down the stairs "who's here" "Chantal's boyfriend" my little sister said "boyfriend huh" "yes sir" "mom already did the questions so don't worry about that" than my dad gave me the look an I stepped down my dad stepped right infront of Sam and looked into his eyes than looked him up and down "make sure you have her home at a certain time and no funny business" what the hell he's never had rules with me he's always trusted me does he think I'll change "yes sir I will" Sam started to look a little timid I don't blame him my dad is pretty scary looking.

**at the mall**

"I'm sorry about my family especially my dad" "it's okay I get it he's just looking out for you" "I know but that's not like him and just want you to know in sorry about it" "it's fine" "you sure" "yes I'm sure" we went into a couple stores and stuff than we headed to his house "honey Chantal is here" Sam's mom said looking happy and coming over to hug me "hello Lisa" "hello Chantal I'm so glad your here" "thanks" than Sam's dad came down along with Elisabeth "hello Chantal" "hello jack how are you" "I'm good thank you" "CHANTAL" an Elisabeth ran and hugged me "hey Elisabeth guess what I got you" than I handed her what she wanted the last time I came over "oh my gosh thank you so much" "your welcome now if you keep it up maybe you'll get another one someday" "okay" than she ran upstairs. Me and Sam are in his room and it's staring to get boring so I went over to his radio and turned on some music and started to dance and Sam joined me "oh my gosh this is my song" I said than turned it up "what song is this" "it's kings & queens(throw it up) by SoMo I just love his music" "oh than I should listen to him more" Sam grabbed onto my waist and pulled me close to him so I wrapped my arms around his neck and sort of grinned on him(more like just swayed my hips to the music) our foreheads were touching and I couldn't help but smile/blush. I feel like the most happiest person alive with Sam everything with him is better. When the song was over Sam lifted my head and kissed me, we have been kissing for the past couple minutes Sam hovering over me as I lay on the bed my hands around his neck and tangled in his hair as his hands are all around my waist and butt he traced my lips asking for entrance which I gave so we were now in a makeout session my shirt started to go up a bit with so much of the moving we were doing and by now m hair is probably a mess so I ended up lifting my shirt and Sam helped take it off me "your so beautiful" Sam said between kisses next Sam's shirt was off "I love you" I said between kisses "I love you too" he said back between kisses I took my pony out and let me hair go loose. Before things could go any further my phone rang...


Hey where are you Anna told me what happened between you and Logan

When today or when he hurt himself


Oh well I'm at Sam's house

Well can I see you I need some sister time anyway I mean I'm staying at your house the hole rest of the summer but you've mostly been with Sam and I've been with Charlie so i was hopping we'd get back to our summer plans

Yeah I'll be there soon

Okay see you at home

Kay bye


"Was that Marie" "yeah she wants to spend time together and talk" "oh okay should I drive you home than" "yeah sure" than I put my shirt back on but left my hair Sam put his shirt back on grabbed his stuff and I grabbed my stuff too than we left. When I got home he walked me to the door "I'll see you tomorrow or whenever your free" "of course you will" I gave him a kiss than went inside, I walked into my room and Marie was waiting on the bed "wow your hair is a mess I wonder what your dad thinks of that" she said and laughed I looked in my mirror and it was a mess but it wasn't that bad it was like normal "it's fine it's just like normal" "okay than.. So well all that's stuff with Logan is crazy" "yeah it is I mean look at my arms" "OMG he didn't tell us he hurt you" "of course he didn't" "I'm gonna beat him" "don't do that it's not your fight anyway" "yes it is your my sister" "I know but still just don't you can if it happens another time though" "it's better not happen another time" "okay well let's get off of this subject and have fun" "that's what I'm talking about". For a coupe hours we talked about how things are going and everything than we played some games and even watched some tv/movies so now we are off to bed *ding* I looked at my phone an it was Sam

From Sam:

Goodnight beautiful I love you

To Sam:

Goodnight Sam I love you too

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