Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


5. can't help falling in love~ 5

*ring ring ring*

* ring ring ring*

* ring ring ring*

"Wake up and get your stupid phone" "okay god Marie calm down" I got up and looked at my phone and it was Sam "Aweh you got Sam as your screen saver" "no I don't it's his caller ID dork" "okay whatever you say" oh my gosh Marie


Hey beautiful

What you calling for this early

It's not that early

Are you kidding me Sam it's 6 in the morning

I'm sorry it's just can we talk or hangout today

Well I'm suppose to be hanging out with me friends today

She can hangout today

Marie stay out of my conversations

Sorry anyway she can hangout Sam come pick her up at her house at 10



Never mind okay I'll see you than Sam

Okay beautiful see you than

*two hours later*

"Okay let's get you ready" "wow for what" "your date with Sam" "no Marie it's not a date it's just me and a friend hanging out and I can get ready myself" "oh fine" "thank you" I went took a shower than did my hair put on a cute flowing dress that went down to my knees than some vans(I'm not a heel type of girl)than put on a little bit of makeup on "wow you look amazing Chantal" "thanks Marie" "so are you two going anywhere special or anything" "for the last time Marie it's not a date were just friends hanging out" "sure that's how it all starts" "oh shut up" "see you know it's true"

**2 hours later**

"Hey Chantal Sam is here" "okay I'm coming" I put my food away and cleaned off my dishes before I left out the kitchen and into the living room than to the door where Sam and Marie were waiting for me "hey Sam" "h-hey.. Wow you look beautiful" "umm thanks" I could feel myself blush "well you two better be off than" "already trying to get me out of here" "yes now go" "okay bye" "bye" we walked over to sam's car he opened the door for me an I got in than he got in on his side put the keys and and we were off. "So were are we going" "I thought I'd take you somewhere special" "oh okay" than I heard one of my multiple favorite songs(I have atleast 50 favorite songs I just love music so much) so I turned it up and started singing, by the time the song was over I realized in with Sam and I was just singing at the top of my lungs and I don't normally sing infront of people unless I'm super close to them so I got really quit and started to blush from imbarrisment "your voice is amazing you should be a professional singer" "thanks and no I shouldn't" "yeah you should your great" "what happened to amazing" "you are great and amazing" "haha yeah sure" "oh were here" I hopped out the car to see a beautiful beach with a beach house not to far away it looked so beautiful. I looked at Sam an he had his hand out toward me so I took it an we started walking toward the house I thought we would go in there but we kept walking "were not going in there" "not today maybe another time I have something better than all this" we walked on for 10 minutes till we were on the top of a cliff where there was a beautiful picnic set up "when did you do all this" "after I called you " "wow I love it it's really sweet"

We had talked about almost everything possible(our pasts what we want for our future about our family's everything) we had laughs an played a couple games, now we are watching the sunset currently I have my head on sam's shoulder as his arm is around my waist "Chantal" "yeah Sam" "never mind" I got up a bit and looked at him "no tell me" "it's nothing really" "if it was nothing than you wouldn't of said anything" we stared at eachother for a couple seconds till I noticed how he kept getting closer and closer to me an before I knew it our lips were cm apart an he had his hand on my cheek "Sam umm-" I could feel nothing but his lips on mine.

Eventually i gave in so now both are lips are moving in perfect sync an I could feel butterflies and fireworks go crazy all over my body his hands were around my waist holding me tight as mine were around his neck an things were starting to get more serous so I stopped. "I'm sorry Chantal I shouldn't of done that" "no it's my fault too" "well I should probably get you home now" "yeah an I'm pretty sure my friends are freaking out by now or wondering what's going on" "yeah well let's go" we picked up everything and brought it to sam's car than we left to take me home.

*an hour later*

Marie, Anna, Logan, Charlie, and I are hanging out in Charlie's room playing games and stuff. Logan and Charlie went downstairs to get more food for all of us "so Chantal Marie to me you were hanging out with Sam today how did it go" "it went umm" "well tell me" "we kissed again" "OMG YOU WHAT" "oh Marie I think I've gone deaf" "yeah right now tell me details" "yeah me too" "well he took me to the beach where there was a beautiful beach house but we didn't go in he took me to this beautiful Cliff where he had a picnic set up and things went normal till we started to watch the sunset than he went to say something than did that hole never mind thing and you know how I don't like when people do that so one thing led to another and than we just started kissing" "I knew it would end up as a date" "Marie shut up" "oh you know it's true" "yeah I know" "you two should go out than" I turned my head to see Charlie and Logan standing there with food "Charlie-" "don't Charlie me Chantal he clearly likes you and I'm guessing you like him and you two have kissed twice already just go out already" "we did we go out all the time" "not what I meant" "I don't know" "well why not" "I just don't know.... I'll be right back okay guys" "yeah okay" I walked out the room down the stairs and all the way outside to get some fresh air.

I felt a hand on my shoulder so I turned around to come face to face with Logan. "Hey what's wrong" "nothing" "it doesn't seem like nothing to me Chantal" "it's just- it's just that I mean I really like Sam but I uh I really don't know Logan" "well do you want me to stay out here with you till you want to talk" "um sure if you want". Me an Logan have been out here for a couple minutes now so I'm going to say something random now to make things less quit and awkward "I like you" omg did I really just say that "what you still like me" crap do I? Yes I do? If I didn't things wouldn't feel weird and if be with Sam by now "yes I still like you that's why it's hard for me because I do like you but I also like Sam and it hurts that you cheated but I guess I deserved it I mean I was around him and everyone else a lot and I didn't act like a girlfriend should and just argghhh I'm so confused with everything" "Chantal it's okay to be confused sometimes and it's not your fault that I cheated I was just being an ass but I am really really sorry I hurt you and about the hole liking me and Sam thing just figure out who you like more" "how am I gonna do that" "just give things time and it will come to you" "this is why your my bestfriend and why I like you so much" "okay give me a hug than well go back inside" "okay but let's keep this just between us" "I'm okay with that" he gave me a big hug than we went back to Charlie's room. "Finally your back wanna play truth of dare" "yes" "okay come on than" we played for hours till we all finally fell asleep.

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