Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


2. can't help falling in love~ 2

I woke up at 9am I grabbed sole chit he's and went into the bathroom to change when I got fully changed I walked out an Logan was awake but I guess he was changing too because he had pants on now but he didn't have a shirt on yet so I was able to see his tan strong buff body/abs "you like Chantal" I looked at Logan and he was smirking "umm, why do you have a smirk on your face" "because you were staring pretty hard at my body" "so that doesn't mean you can smirk or think anything up there in that head if yours" he came closer to me "an what do you think I'm thinking in my head" "I don't know I can't read minds" is he hitting on me is what Anna said true would I end up with Logan sooner or later. Wait no I don't see or think of him that way. He got even closer to me so I was up against my dresser an he was inches away from my face "im starting to think you like me Chantal" "an why would you think that" before he could say anything Anna woke up "hey you two... Wow was I interrupting something" she said with a smile an that look in her eyes "no nothing is going on Anna everything is fine" I said as I walked away from Logan and over to her an Marie on the bed an sat down on it "I'm pretty sure something was about to happen" "no it wasn't, I'm hungry I'm going to go make breakfast for everyone today get dressed than come down" "okay than Chantal" I ran downstairs an went into the kitchen and started to make breakfast when I heard a knock on the door so I went to go get it when I got to the door and opened it there was a box so I picked it up closed the door and went back to the kitchen I put it on the counter and continued making breakfast we. I was done making breakfast for everyone I put in on plates for everyone and set the plates and extra food on the table than I went back over to the box it said my name on it so I opened it up an there was knew clothes an also concert tickets to the new '5 seconds of summer' concert soon. As you can tell I love bands but most of all I just love music all kinds of music I don't think I really have a favorite music person or band I just like all music. "Oh my gosh is that 5 seconds of summer concert tickets you have" I looked at it was Marie "yeah Marie I have 6 of them" "well I know I'm going" "me too" Anna said "I'm going too" Logan said "me too" Charlie said {I don't really think they wanna go because they like the band or the music I think it's because they wanna protect us or so they don't get bored at home alone} "fine if you two boys really wanna come, but what if there is me an than you four who is gonna come with us because I have another one left over" Marie looked at me "what are you thinking Marie" "I'm thinking that you can invite someone else from school... Maybe a boy" "oh god Marie everyone here knows Chantal has a thing for me" Logan said "no i don't Logan.. An Marie you know I don't like any guys at school an everyone else at school is kinda fake" "so who are you going to bring" Charlie said "can I come sis" Iooked up at the stairs an it was my little sister "of course you can come" "YAY" she yelled an came running at me and hugged me. Everyone else came down for breakfast an when it was done I cleaned it all up while my mom stepdad an little sister were in the living room watching a movie an Anna Marie Logan and Charlie were out in the pool again. After cleaning up I went outside took my shirt and shorts off than jumped into the pool with everyone else when I got to the surface after jumping in Marie an Charlie were on the other side of the pool probably flirting or talking bout something and Anna got out to go to the bathroom so it was just me and Logan again he wrapped his arms around me waist and pulled me under the water I turned around and looked at him under the water he pulled me in close to him an kissed me. It is my first kiss so I don't really know what to do I just stayed still while he warped his arms around my waist even more making it so there was no space between us an tried to deepen it I guess I didn't really feel right about this but at the same time I felt something not like fireworks or fire but just happiness so I let it continue for another couple seconds till I got back to reality an pushed him off than got back to the surface when I whipped the water off my face and looked around Marie and Charlie were still on the other side of the pool talking so I thought I was in the clear but as I looked up out of the pool behind me I saw Anna looking at me with a smirk on her face "I knew it" an than Marie and Charlie came over "you knew what Anna" Marie asked "that Logan and Chantal feel something for each other" "an why do you think that" Charlie asked "because they were just kissing under the water you two really couldn't see that" "you two what" Marie an Charlie said as they looked at me and Logan, well it happened so I might as well face it "me and Logan kissed under the water did you not hear Anna say that" "well does that mean you two are together now or.." Charlie said. Are me and Logan together now or did we just kiss an now things are going to be weird or what "well I hope me and Chantal are together now" I looked at Logan than at everyone else. Well I guess everyone has been waiting for this to happen so why not. "I guess me and Logan are together now" "Aweh cute" Anna Marie and Charlie said.

It was now 12 an me Marie and Anna were wearing dresses, mine is two straps an it's light blue and goes all the way down to my knees Anna's dress is black an strapless an goes down to her knees too Marie's dress is red an goes down to her knees an has an 'X' mark on the back of it that shows off her back. We did our hair I just let it out of the braid and blow dried it so it was dry an wavy Marie put hers in little curls and Anna had part on her hair up an than had the rest going down an than curled all of it. After that we did our makeup and put our shoes on Anna and Marie put on heels as for me I put in some converse I grabbed my phone and keys than we headed downstairs when we got down stairs Logan and Charlie were just wearing the normal guy clothes jeans shoes and a t-shirt we all said goodbye to my mom stepdad and little sister than headed out.

We were at a party that someone from school was throwing like normal I wasn't drinking Anna Marie Logan and Charlie were an probably everyone else at the party but I wasn't I was just dancing with everyone Anna was flirting with some guy while Marie and Charlie were flirting once again hopefully sooner or later they will get together an Logan I had no idea where he was but to be honest I don't really care I'm having way to much fun an to be honest I don't think I really like him anyway I mean I like him but not that way still I'm not sure yet. "Hey there beautiful" I turned an saw this guy I've never seen before talking to me an instantly I knew I liked him like I actually liked him... Oh my gosh I actually like someone. "Hey" I said back to him he was a little taller than me I'm guessing he was around 5'10 he has dark brown hair that is freshly cut on the sides an is short an goes up into a sort of cuff but instead it's spikes he is pretty strong an buff looking and the moment I looked into his amazing hazel eyes I saw something an felt something I have never seen or felt before "what's your name" "my name is Chantal, what's yours" "that's a beautiful name an my name is Sam" oh Sam oh how cute you are "nice to meet you Sam" "nice to meet you two Chantal.. Would you like to dance with me" oh my gosh he asked me to dance with him "of course" "okay than" than he grabbed my waist and pulled me in closer to him an we started to sway/dance to the music while we danced we didn't really say anything to eachother we just pretty much looked into each others eyes the hole time "hey Chantal who is this" great thanks a lot! I turned to who was talking to me and it was Anna I let stepped back from Sam an he let go of my waist "oh hey Anna this is Sam, Sam this is my one of my bestfriends Anna" "hello Anna nice to meet you" he said going to shake Anna's hand but she refused "hey Chantal can I take you for a minute Marie has a problem with Charlie" "umm yeah sure.. Umm I'll see you later I guess" I said to Sam "sure go ahead" Anna turned around an started walking but before I could follow her Sam grabbed my arm and pulled me to him "after you deal with your friends meet me in the backyard" "okay I will" than he let go and I followed Anna. Anna led me to one of the rooms an mare and Charlie were no where "where is Marie and Charlie" "nothing is wrong with them they are in one of the other rooms making out" "wait what they are. Are they finally together" "yeah he asked her out earlier an she said yes to him" "Aweh how cute we have to do something special for them tomorrow" "Chantal we can focus on that later what are you doing with that guy Sam" "we were just dancing Anna calm down" "I am but still you can't just go dancing with guys like that especially since you are with Logan" "Anna I know Sam is just a guy an we were just dancing an having fun nothing more happened.. An ever since we got here you have been flirting with guys while Marie and Charlie got together an I haven't seen Logan at all" "what do you mean you haven't seen Logan he told me he was with you on the phone than I find you with that Sam guy" "he was never with me since we got here he hasn't talked to me or anything in fact none of you have" "I'm sorry for that but atleast I am now" "okay well let's go get Marie and Charlie than find Logan" "okay I already know where they are follow me" "okie dokie" I followed her to the room where Marie and Charlie were an they were acting like a total couple "Aweh I'm so happy you two are finally together I knew you two would he together sooner or later" wow I sound like Anna now "yeah I know Chantal" Marie said with a big smile and blushing cheeks "okay so we need you and Logan to come with me and Chantal to go find Logan" "why are we leaving already" Logan said "yes we are leaving we are all going to my house to have more better fun an Anna you can bring that new guy too if you want" "cool I'll get home after we get Logan" Anna said. We all got up an walked around everywhere an still didn't see Logan so I told everyone else to go get in my car an Anna brought her new "friend" with her while I stayed and looked for Logan an also went to meet Sam so I walked into the backyard an there was Sam "hey beautiful where were you" "I was looking for all my friends were all going back to my place" "oh okay well can I come with" "I umm, well -" "hey babe who's this" crap! "Who is this" Sam said looking at Logan, where the hell did he come from anyway, "this is my -" "I'm her boyfriend who are you" "I'm Sam well Chantal I'll see you later than" dammit I turned around and went to Logan's ear "go get in the car with everyone else and I'll give you a special gift tonight" "haha okay baby" than he left an I ran after Sam "hey Sam wait" he turned around "what is it Chantal" he said and looked a little upset and sad "okay listen he's not actually my boyfriend to be honest this was all a mistake he kissed me infront of all my bestfriends an than he said I'm his boyfriend an they were so happy I didn't want to ruin it he is one of my bestfriends and only that I've never been attracted to him I've never actually been attracted to any guy before like ever until I saw you an that all got ruined be-" "okay I get it it's complicated calm down you can tell me everything over dinner soon" "an how are you planning on taking me to dinner" he got a smirk "well first I plan on getting your phone number than we start talking than I take you on a date when the time is right" "okay that sounds good to me" we traded our phone numbers than he kissed my cheek an I left to my car and everyone was in there I drove them all back to my house.

When we got there I put the mattress down on the floor again after a couple minutes to an hour of having more fun all the guys pasted out on the blow up mattress an me and the girls pasted out on my bed.

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