Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


13. can't help falling in love~ 13

When we got to the fair we went on the Farris wheel, the marry-go-round, than played a couple games I went on only very few roller coasters because the baby. "I'm hungry Sam" "okay let's get you something to eat and something for the baby" we walked over to the food" "so what do you want" "im craving tacos an nachos and chocolate" "okay well let's see if they have it here" soon we found it and Sam got me 5 tacos and big thing of nachos and got me a chocolate milkshake we went and sat down and within 5 minutes I was done with all of it "wow you and the baby really are hungry" "well I already am a very hungry person I guess the baby takes after me when it comes to food" "yeah no kidding" "hey" "what" "that's not nice" "you still love me" "yes I do" than I gave him a kiss "do you want to meet up with Marie and Charlie" "yeah sure" than he wrapped his arms around my waist and we walked to meet up with Marie and Charlie "hey you two" Charlie said "hey you two" I said back "so what should we all do now" Marie asked "we can go see a movie" Sam suggested "I'm done for that" Charlie said "yeah sound good" Marie said "yeah let's go see a movie but which one" "we could go see the new transformers movie" "YES" me and Marie yelled together "okay than let's go see it" when we got to the movies we went and got our tickets than went and say down "no wonder why you to yelled yes Mark Walburg is in here" Sam said to me and Marie "well that and transformers is pretty cool" "yeah sure" Charlie said "hey it's true we've already watched the other ones multiple times" Marie added "hey guys the movie is starting" than we all watched the movie.

After the movie we all went back to Marie's place "so Chantal when you went to the doctors what did they say" "now you ask" "well I forgot" "okay well they said that I'm about two to three weeks pregnant" "is it healthy" "yeah everything fine and healthy" "I can't wait till your father along so we can see if it's a boy or a girl" "yeah me too I'm just not ready to look fat" "you'll still be beautiful to me" "I know" "so I guess whenever you family comes back into the picture there going to hate me and want to kill me huh" "they will probably hate you but they won't kill you..." "Yeah an how do you know" "because my mother always used to say that she would be very upset at me but she would never kill him because she believes that a baby is suppose to love in a household where there is a father and a mother" "oh well now I feel less scared" "Aweh your scared that's cute" "well your family is pretty scary" "that's only because they don't understand like I do" I said wrapping my arms around his neck an he wrapped his around my waist and we kissed. We were in the middle of a makeout session now when Marie came through the door "hey dinner is done wow" than she turned around "I'm so sorry" "it's fine Marie well be down in a second" "okay later" than she left and closed the door "doesn't that bug you" Sam asked "no not really I've gotten used to it".

After dinner everyone went to bed the only thing is I'm having trouble sleeping right now "hey what's wrong" "I can't sleep" "well what can I do to help you sleep" "I don't know" "well I'm already cuddling you should I sing to you" "yes I love when you sing" "okay" an with that Sam started to sing me a song to help me sleep. "I love you Chantal" was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.

**Sam's prov**

I'm so glad I'm out of jail and with Chantal every moment I spend with her is like nothing I can ever explain we haven't heard from her dad or any of her family for a while an I haven't seen or heard from mine ether. Things have gone so perfect with her yeah we have our bad times together with her father but we're still together and happy. I went and took a shower than got dressed and ready for the day than went downstairs and made breakfast for everything and even cleaned. My thanks to Marie and Charlie for sticking around and being so supportive of me and Chantal and for trying to help get me out of jail. After all that Charlie came down "hey man what's up- wow this place is super clean" "yeah I cleaned everything and I made breakfast" "oh cool thanks man" "welcome where are the girls" "there upstairs talking" "you got kicked out the room" "yeah I did" "well than that means we get to hog up breakfast" "oh hell yeah" and we scarfed almost everything "hey umm keep in mind I am pregnant you big idiot" oh yeah crap "I'm sorry beautiful.. Here" I handed her the rest of my food than pilled a hole bunch of other food on the plate "thank you" Marie took over Charlie's food since all the rest I gave to Chantal. After breakfast we all started packing up our stuff since tomorrow we are off to collage and the end of summer "Sam can you help me with this" "yeah" I went over and helped her with all her packing "god you have a lot of stuff" "well I am a girl" "yeah but not all girls have about 17 boxes full of stuff" "well I am going to collage for 4 years so I kinda need to bring EVERYTHING I have" "okay now you have to help me with all my stuff" "fine I'll help". After all the packing we all went downstairs and watched tv "let's what a movie" Charlie said "what movie" Chantal said "how about a romance" Marie said "NO" Charlie yelled "how about a scary movie" I said "I'm good with that" Charlie said "how about you marie" "but only because it leads to cuddles and kisses" "Chantal what about you" Charlie asked "you know I hate scary movies" "why I asked" "because there's so much blood and it's scary" "well I'm here... So Charlie put one it" "got it" than Charlie grabbed a hole bunch of them "I couldn't chose so were just going to watch all of them" "okay scary movie marathon". First we watched all the paranormal activity movies, than sinister, than Friday the 13th, than nightmare on elm street, than evil dead, than insidious, now we are watching insidious 2. Marie has fallen asleep on Charlie while he's still watching the movie and Chantal is about to fall asleep but for sum reason she is staying up "Chantal beautiful are you okay" "yeah I'm fine just yea I'm fine" "you don't seem or look fine at all do you want to go to bed" "I can't though" "why" "because I'm scared" "why" "because all these scary movies" "there just movies" "yeah to you the way I look at it all these things can actually happen" "but they won't so just try an sleep" hey I'm going to put the next movie in" "oh okay man" than he out another movie in "Charlie what's the movie this time" "devils due" than she hopped up so quick I almost thought she was a vampire "NO TURN IT OFF IM DONE WITH ALL THESE GOD DAMN SCART MOVIES I SAID I DIDNT WANT TO WATCH ANY OF THEM AND I MEANT IT NOW TURN IT OFF" than she ran upstairs "wow" Charlie said "I've never seen her act that way over scary movies I mean she has been scared but not like that go see what's wrong with her or I will" "I am why do you think I'm going up there" I said as I went up the stairs to me and Chantal's room to see her standing in front of the mirror and look at her very little baby bump when I say the look on her face I could tell there was a lot going on in there so I wen over to her and wrapped myself around her "nothing like that will ever happen to us I promise you that" "but-" "no don't but me" I said turning her to face me "look at me, look at you, look at the baby, look at everyone around you nothing is wrong with anything or anyone so I mean it when I say nothin with happen... Now come here on the bed with me so I can cuddle you and you can cry and tell me everything that's been going on with you than after I'll buy you whatever you want" than she nodded her head in agreement and we went and cuddled on the bed as she started to cry an tell me everything that's been going on with her. Aperrantly her dad an Logan are planning something(she found out from Anna) and not only that but the fact that collage is starting and she is only 17 and pregnant with my child she feels like she is growing up to fast and stuff so I kind of feel bad and wish I had stated away because if I did than none of this would have happened to her and she would be better off everyone around her would be happy and she would be at her dream collage and she wouldn't be pregnant. "I'm so sorry Chantal" is all I could think of right now "it's not your fault it's mine" "we both are at fault but mostly me" "no your not" "yes I am.. Now go to sleep as well finish this in the morning" "okay" than she fell asleep.

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