Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


12. can't help falling in love~ 12

Well there is now only 5 more days of summer and I still haven't found a way for Sam to get out of jail and nether has Marie or Charlie. I haven't talked to Anna Logan my mom my dad or my little sister since that night and I still cry every night so that means that Charlie has been spending the night but it's a win for Marie to cause than that's more time for them together and more time for them to plan their wedding. "Hey Chantal here's breakfast" "I'm not hungry" "yes you are now eat" "I'm not hungry" "Chantal you haven't eaten I'm three days not eat dammit" she yelled at me "fine I'll eat" "good" I eat breakfast and I had to eat every bit because Marie watched me eat. "There now I'll bring you up some medicine" oh yeah forgot to tell you all I super sick I keep having cramps and pucking "here's your medicine" "thanks". A couple minutes later I was pucking In the toilet again and Marie is holding my hair "Charlie get out she is pucking again" "One I don't care it's not any different from when we were all friends and she did that and two I'm starting to think this is more than sickness" "what does that mea-" Marie asked than she stopped dead sentence "OMG no way" when I was done I flushed an cleaned myself up than closed the toilet and sat down "Chantal when was the last time you and Sam made love" "before my fight with my dad happened and Sam went to jail" "like that night or" "yes that night why" "did you two use protection" I started to recap eveything thing in my mind about the shower than how it went to the bed without stopping "oh my god am I pregnant" "I don't know but here" she ran to her room and went through a hole bunch of stuff than came back with two pregnancy tests "here pee on these than we will check the when they are done" "okay" than with that they left and I peed on both. We all waited a couple minutes for them to both be done when they were I went over to both and read both an they were both positive "so are you pregnant" Charlie asked I turned around and showed both of them to Charlie and Marie "I'm pregnant" "oh my god I'm going to be an auntie... Oh my gosh wait this is it" "what is it" "the baby is the way to get Sam out of jail" "oh my gosh your right"

**sams prov**

I've been missing Chantal like crazy and my family hasn't gotten me out yet because they are trying to come up with enough money for me. "Sam you have a visitor" they took me to the visitor area and I saw Marie Charlie and Chantal I ran over to her and picked her up and spun her around and she hugged me back than I set we down and we kissed "I've missed you so much it's crazy" "I've missed you too" "she's serious man I have to cuddle her every night because she'll cry herself to sleep an I have to make her eat because she won't eat which isn't good for her considering" "considering what Marie and Chantal what is wrong with you you have to eat and I wish I was there to do the cuddling" "I know and I am starting to eat again and I'm turn to control my crying" "umm hello you gonna tell him yet" "oh yeah" "wait tell me what" "well you remember the night they took you here" "yeah I remember" "well it turns out we forgot the condom and so now I'm pregnant" "your pregnant really you really are no lie" "no lie Sam I'm pregnant" "well how far along are you" "I'm not sure yet I'm going to the doctor soon to see but I wanted to tell you first" "oh my god I can't believe I'm going to be a father" "is it a bad thing or good thing" "it's an amazing thing I'm so happy right now" "me too" "I'm so completely happy about all of this" "but" Marie added "but what" I said "well I wish I was married to you first not your family is really going to hate me" "I don't care" "I know you don't I mean considering what we've been threw" "yeah" "oh and I found a way for you to get out" "how" "well not only do I have the money to get you out in one of my other accounts that I have but me being pregnant will aslo get you out" "well when so you think I'll be out" "within a couple days" "okay" "visitor time is over everyone" "well I have to go bye Sam" "bye Chantal I love you so much" "I love you too Sam" with that we kissed again than she left leaving me sad again.

**4 days later**

*Chantal's prov*

Sam gets out today I gave the police money to bail him out and told them me and his HOLE love story and told them how I'm pregnant with his baby and even showed them pictures of the baby and everything so now they know he's not a bad guy and they even took what my dad lied about off his record since it was a lie. I am currently waiting outside for Sam when I saw Sam come out I felt so happy to be with him again and free that I ran to him and jumped to him and kissed him "someone's happy to see me" "of course I am I love you I'm having your baby and I got you out of jail and the way thing they took the lie off your record" "awesome and I love you too" he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the car "hand me your keys beautiful" I handed him my keys(well his I've been driving his car and my car is still as Marie's) than we headed off "Sam where are we going" "I have to do something" "oh okay" we drove all the way to my favorite place "what do you new to do at my favorite place" he grabbed something out his car but I couldn't tell what really we walked over to my favorite place "I know this isn't what you probably dreamed it would be an nether did I but I couldn't think of a better time" he kneeled down on one knee. OMG is he gonna propose to me "Chantal brown I promise to love you and cherish you for the rest of my life an nomatter what opstical we face I will fight with you and fight for you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life I want to be the best person I can be with you. So Chantal will you do me a huge favor and marry me" than he took out a box and showed me a diamond ring "I know it's not much but-" "YES YES ILL MARRY YOU" than he put the ring on my finger got up wrapped his hands around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck tangling my hands in his hair and we kissed. When we got back to Marie's house her and Charlie were soaring on the couch than they got up and greeted us "hey Sam glad to see you out of the horrible orange" Marie said "hey man glad your back" Charlie said "thanks Marie and Charlie" "what a second why are you two extra smiley" Marie asked I showed her my hand and she freaked out "OMG YOU TWO ARE ENGAGED" "yes were engaged and I couldn't be more happy" "wow girl haven't even started collage and your already pregnant and engaged to the love of your life" "yeah I know but don't forget about you and Charlie" "I know oh my gosh now we can plan out wedding together" "well that would help with my pregnancy" "and I can help too" Sam added "me too" Charlie than added "okay sound good" Marie said "okay well me and Sam are going upstairs" "okay oh wait go into the guest room me and Charlie moved all your stuff into that room while you were gone" "oh okay thanks Charlie and Marie" "welcome" they both said. Me and Sam are both in the guest room(or should I just say my room) "i am so happy right now" "me too I mean yeah I'm only 17 and I haven't even started collage yet but still I'm so happy I'm engaged to you and Having your baby" "be nether I'm so happy that our baby is in there" he said holding my stomach "and that you will be my wife soon" "and you'll be my husband".

After a while me and Sam and Marie and Charlie eat dinner than watched some movies than went to bed "I'm so glad your not crying" "that's because your actually here cuddling me" "I'll always be here" than I fell asleep.

**next day*

"Tomorrow is our last day of summer than we have to go to collage I'm going to miss you so much Marie and Charlie" "were going to miss you too Chantal" charlie said giving me a hug "I'm going to miss you most" Marie said "I know but as soon as we get a break we have to come back here and spend time together" "of course" "so what do you want to do today" sam asked "we could go to the far" "yes I'd love that" "okay let's go that" we all got ready I brushed my hair than put on my white shorts my vans and my white crop-tank-top and a little but of makeup Marie is wearing some leggings and a crop top with vans than Sam and Charlie are wearing almost the same thing jeans converse tank tops but Sam's is white and says love on it and Charlie's is black than we grabbed our phones and Sam and Charlie grabbed their keys incase we want to spilt up after all this than me and Sam got into his car and Charlie and Marie got into his car and we all headed to the fair.

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