Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


10. can't help falling in love~ 10

I got ready in the bathroom with some clothes my mom brought for me than we left. It was me than Logan than Anna sitting I the backseat of Charlie car than Charlie the driver an Marie the passenger seat. My mom and dad's car is filled with everyone bags and stuff so I couldn't sit it the car not that I'm complaining. *ding*

From Sam:

Hey beautiful on my way to the beach house I'll see you soon. I love you

To Sam:

Hey sam(: same I'll see you than. I love you too<3

"Who was that" Logan asked "oh just a friend of mine" "oh okay" "well your little sister told Marie and Marie told all of us about everything that happened so I was wondering if" "wait a second.. Marie you told everyone" "yeah I'm so sorry" "thanks a lot Marie" "I said I'm sorry" "learn to keep your mouth shut" "fine" "so Chantal I was wondering if you wanted to maybe try again with us" "I'm sorry Logan but no" "why it's not like you two are still together" "I'm still in love with him" "well I can change that" he put his Hand on my leg so I moved it "come in Chantal" "no Logan" an with that everything else was silent and a little awkward.

When we got to the beach house everyone went into our rooms. Mom and dad in one room than my little sister has her own room. Than Anna an Marie in one room than Logan and Charlie in the other an me by me self till Sam gets here. I heard a car come up to the house so I ran outside to see Sam with his next next to his car I ran down to him and jumped on him I put my hands on his face as he held me up and we kissed no caring what happens to both of us. He slowly let me down but our lips didn't break apart his hands now around my waist holding me tight and my hands still on his each side of his face as we continue to kiss. Although like all good things come to an end so we let go but were still holding eachother "I can believe your actually here" "I told you id come" I blushed a little "I love when you blush it's so cute" I blushed even more. I turned around to see everyone outside with different types of looks on their faces Sam is behind me with all his bags but as we got closer to my dad I grabbed Sam's arm "what is he doing here you two are not suppose to see eachother anymore" "well to bad dad we are and he can stay here he's my guest I invited him" an with that we walked upstairs into my room where me and Sam will be staying. I helped Sam unpack his stuff and he helped me unpack mine "really what's this" Sam asked smirking and I looked at his hand to find a box of condoms "I knew Marie would pack something like that" "Marie packed all your stuff" "yeah she did" "that's explains the clothes" "yeah" "well you plus borrow some of mine if you ever want to I mean it's guy clothes because I'm a guy but whatever" "okay Sam" than I took the box of condones out of his hand and put then in the back of my droor and under some if my clothes "why you hiding it" "because I don't want my mom or dad finding them and well we will need them someday won't we" "true" we finished unpacking our stuff an decided to go outside to enjoy the sun. "I like your families beach house" "well I like yours more" "why" "because it's closer to my favorite place than this place is" "oh yeah true" me and Sam are sitting on the grass watching the sunset more like Sam is sitting on the grass I'm more like in his lap as he has his arms wrapped around me "I still want you to go" "Sam we've been over this I'm not going I already told them I'm not going I sent a letter to your collage and I got in everything is already done" "you already did all that" "I did all that a couple weeks ago" "why would you do that" "because I already told you and it's already done" "well than what about you family what do they think" "nobody knows" "not even Marie" "not even Marie" "well that's going to be another problem" "not really I already know Marie is fine with us being together" "yeah I've always liked her an Charlie they are the only ones that allow me to be with you" "they like you two Anna she is hard to get to even u had problems for a while but she will come around and my mom and my little sister like you" "yeah the only people that have a problem with us and keep trying to tare us apart are Logan and your dad" "yeah I know hopefully one day they will come around" "yeah I hope so" "Chantal it's dinner time" "okay mom coming" I got up and grabbed Sam's hand than we went inside to eat. After dinner everyone had some s'mores an watched some movies than we all went to bed. My dad doesn't like the fact Sam is here at all m little sister even told me how he was yelling and throwing stuff earlier and he even tried to make Sam switch with someone but I kept fighting it so everything is still the Sam. Anna and Marie in one room, Charlie and Logan in another, my little sister in hers, than my mom and dad in there's, than me an Sam. I'm dressed in some pj shorts and one of Sam's t-shirts as for Sam he just has his boxers on "your not scared of my dad anymore I'm guessing" "no not really" "okay than" than I took the pj shorts of and out them back so I was only in underwear and Sam's t-shirt and Sam kind of chocked "why are you so nervous it's not the first time you've seen me almost naked I mean you've seen me fully naked once" "that was the one time when we first made love and we were at your favorite place not your parents beach house where all your friends and your family are" "it's not like were going to make love now" "still" "you are still scared of my dad aren't you" "no I mean maybe a little bit but not really" I couldn't help but laugh a little "like you've never been scared if anything before" "hey that's not fair" "yes it is" an little fight after fight I was being tickled "oh my gosh Sam stop it" "than say I'm the man" "never" "okay than I'm not going to stop" "okay okay your the man" an with that he stopped and we were kissing. A couple minutes later it was a makeout session but I wanted it to be more so I started to lift me shirt a little bit but than Sam stopped "what are you doing" I couldn't think of anything to say I felt stupid but than Sam started to lift my shirt up so now I was topless and we got back to kissing.

*Sam's prov*

After seeing her smiling laughing and looking so happy I couldn't help it so I kissed her and never wanted to stop so soon we were making out till she lifted her shirt "what are you doing" I said nervously. I noticed how her face looked it read I-feel-so-stupid-right-now which made me feel even more stupid and guilty when I looked back at her she looked so beautiful and so sexy at the same time and yet again my body was taking over me so I lifted up her shirt to see her almost naked body I just have to get her underwear off of her and these boxers off of me I began to kiss you again than I worked me way to her neck finding her weak spot when i found it she let a quit moan escape her lips so I kept kissing and sucking on it leaving a mark on that spot than worked my down her chest down her stomach and to her thighs where I took her underwear off of her than kissed her from her legs and all the way up to her lips again. Before I fully had my boxers off I remembered about the condoms in her dresser from Marie so I went over and grabbed one than put it back how it was and took my boxers off than put the condom on than went back to Chantal were we started kissing again and when the moment was right I slowly and carefully slipped myself inside her. With every thrust into her an every kiss on her body she quietly moaned which made me go crazy every time but I still controlled myself because well I don't want to hurt her, I don't want to ruin the moment, and I don't everyone to hear us. When we both reached our point than I got up and went to the bathroom and took off the condom than wrapped it up in a hole bunch of toilet paper than threw it into the trash. Than I went back to the bed where Chantal was almost sound asleep so I got in and put my arm around her which made her turn around and nuzzle into my chest than I put my arm around her again. "I love you Sam" "I love you too Chantal"

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