Cant help falling in love

Oh I can't help falling in love with you


1. can't help falling in love~ 1

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTAL" yup I woke up this morning to everyone in my room at 8am screaming happy birthday to me, today I turn 17 which is cool. I know most of you are thinking aren't you in high school or at least collage, well yeah I just graduated an I'm going to collage after the summer which gives me plenty of time with my family and friends before I have to pack up and go to collage in London, yup that's right London I got into Cambridge. Im not your average 17 year old girl nope I'm not when i started my first year of high school. I Started to work harder at my grades than I ever have worked on anything else in my life I would always get strait A's on homework classwork and even tests some call me a total nerd an some call me sort of popular because when I do have time off of school and time off of doing work than I'm always out with someone from school doing something an on top of that I have been doing ballet since I was 3 an when I turned 15 I finally convinced my mom to put me on point in ballet an than so to some people I'm a total nerd and to some people im sort of popular but to me my family and my 4 bestfriends I'm both on the inside an outside. But back to reality...

"Happy birthday sweety" my mother said to me as she kissed the top of my head an handed me a big box with a ribbon on it, I untied the ribbon and took it off than took the top of the box off an it was so beautiful it was a neckless with my birthstone on it an than a charm that said daughter on it I looked up at my mom she was wearing one just like mine but it said mother on it "thank you so much mom I love it" I said giving her a huge hug "your welcome sweetheart now you better get ready for today you'll get your other presents and birthday cake and party later tonight" "okay mom" all my family left the room I went over to my bathroom took a shower than put on some black leggings my favorite pair of Jordan's than my black 'Nervina' tank top with my varsity jacket than I braided my hair on the sides an than did another braid down the middle than when it's got down to my neck I brought all of my braids together and braided those so it was all one big braid going down my back than I put very little blush than some mascara an a very little bit of lipgloss. I walked out my bathroom I took a look at myself fully in my body size mirror, I'm not the most beautiful girl alive what I mean by that is I'm not super skinny I do have fat but in all the right places and i also have curves in all the right places too. To other people I'm in between super skinny and not too fat, my best friend and out all 3 of my other bestfriends likes to call me a mixed version of 'Marylin Monroe' but a bit skinnier(and darker considering im half African American and many other things) When I felt good about how I looked I grabbed my phone and keys than headed downstairs when I got there breakfast was already done so I grabbed some food and eat after breakfast I hugged and kissed(on the cheek or forehead) my family goodbye Than I headed out the door I got into my car than put the keys into the car and started it than I was on my way to pick up Marie, Anne, Logan, and Charlie. When I got to Marie's house she hopped out with a huge smile on her face an so I hopped out the car an gave her a huge hug "hey Marie" I said to her "hey Chantal" she said back than helped her with her bags. See Marie is my best friend out of all the others me and her have been best friends since forever so whenever she comes over she stays over for as long as she can that's how it always goes like when she comes over more than Anne Logan and Charlie do, Marie is like a unbiological sister to me an a unbiological daughter/sister/cousin to the rest of my family but back to life. I helped put her bags into the trunk of my car than we hopped in and drove to go pick up Anna and Logan when I got to Anna's house her and Logan came out with smiles on there faces too (Anna is a brunette but sometimes she dyes the ends of her hair a different color an she has light brown eyes she is a little bit taller than me an she isn't to fat or too skinny Logan is a dirty blonde has blue eyes is supper tall an buff) an they hopped into the car "hey Anna hey Logan" "hey Chantal hey Marie" they both said now with Anna and Logan they have been my bestfriends since the 2nd grade an them two have a interesting history together but before I can get into detail with that "hey Chantal it's our song" Logan said as he was reaching over to turn it up. An before you get any ideas no me and Logan have never gone out and never will hopefully because I only see him as a brotherly figure when I'm out with him Anna Marie and Charlie at a party or any other public place but me and him do have this song that we have always been singing together because we both love the song and we are both just totally fun stupid and dorky when the hole group gets together. As the song came on me and Logan started to sing it as Marie and Anna were talking about boys or something. Now see I don't have time for boys at all an to be honest I never have had time for boys growing up I've only had girl-friends an even when a boy liked me or wanted to spend time with me I couldn't and/or wouldn't because I was to busy on my Family, School, Ballet, my Bestfriends, an other things besides boys and/or other girly drama/things. An yeah when it came to 8th grade that changed because as you can see I have two guy bestfriends but I still don't date or like any guys. "Chantal stop thinking so much all the time I get that you are excited and worried about Cambridge but still it's summer time stop thinking so much and have some fun" wow was I really telling you all that much "okay Anna" by the time the song was over we got to Charlie's house he came out with a smile on his face but it got even bigger when he saw Marie. Charlie has always had a thing for Marie but I was the only one in the group that knew that an I actually thought it was cute I mean he is super sweet like he is a total gentlemen an they would look perfect together (Marie has blonde hair that goes down her back pretty brown eyes perfect tan skin she isn't to tall and isn't to small ether she is just the right height an she isn't too skinny but also isn't too fat an Charlie is a little bit taller than her he has dark brown hair that sticks up in sort of a cuff an amazing green eyes an he's buff) like they would be perfect together. He got into the backseat with Logan and Anne we all said our hi's than we rolled the windows down an blasted the music up an started the fun.

When we all got to the Carnival at the beach we got out the car and started running over to the games and carnival rides Logan and Anna went to play games while me Marie and Charlie went to go on all the cool rides we went on all the roller coasters an the haunted houses an everything else than we decided to trade with Anna and Logan an we played all the games nomatter if we lost or won we still all had a good time I checked my phone to see what time it was an it was now 4pm so Marie Charlie and I went and got Anna and Logan an went to go eat after we all eat we got back to the car and headed to my house for whatever my mom had planned for my birthday later tonight. When we got there I was about to open the door but "don't open it yet" "why not Marie" "because you have to help me and everyone else get my bags" "fine lets get all your bags" "god Marie you staying at Chantal's house for the hole summer" Logan and Charlie said "well I sure hope so" "give Marie a break" Anna said "thanks Anna" Marie thanked Anna "ready to go inside now guys" "yup" they all said at the same time we all walked in and before I could walk another step into the house the light came on "SUPRISE" everyone yelled at the top of there lungs I looked around and ALL my family was here "Aweh thanks everyone" "your welcome" some of them said "well I'm going to help Marie set all her stuff in my room than I'll be right down" "okay" my mother said to me I walked upstairs with Marie Logan Charlie and Anna we set all her bags in the corner of my room than all went running downstairs. It was so amazing all my family was here an I was having so much fun talking to all of them and having fun playing with all the younger ones that's when someone grabbed me I turned around and it was Logan "happy birthday Chantal" "thanks Logan" an when I thought he was gonna give me a hug he picked me up and I knew what he was gonna do whenever it's someone's birthday they ether get cake in they face or they get put into the pull and I had a feeling that I was being put into the pool "no Logan stop" "sorry Chantal I can't everyone would rather see you in the pool than cake all over your face" "Logan I mean it put me down" "sorry Chantal" "mom dad help lo-" an before I could continue I was thrown into the pool my body became cold because the cold wet water getting all over my body and all over my clothes it's just a good thing I'm wearing water proof makeup when I hit the surface everyone was outside laughing and taking pictures of me, Logan offered me his hand to take so I took it but as I grabbed his Hand I grabbed it with my other hand to and pulled him in the pool with me than after that everyone was jumping into the pool wether they were wearing swimsuits or not "that was not fair" Logan said to me as he was combing his hair with his hand which made his hair spike up than whipped all the extra water off his face "it was to fair you dunked me in so you should get dunked in too" "great so in other words karma" "yup karma" "hey you two love birds" Anna said to me and logan "Anna we are not in love you know me and Logan are just bestfriends he is like a brother to me, no offense Logan" "none taken" "but still you two could always happen sooner or later" "Anna stop it you know me, you know I don't have time for that so get over it" "fine come on there is a hole bunch of food an deserts an presents" "I'm coming presents" I swam out the pool and got some food and desert. It was now 12am an the party was still going {with my family we party for a long time} an I had already opened up all of my presents most of it was money an some of it was princess stuff since I have always loved princesses an so did my little sister and her birthday is just before mine even though she is younger than me so I'm just going to have her keep all the princes stuff in her room(I have a mom that has beautiful great eyes and brown hair but she dyes it blonde all the time an has amazing tan skin and is just as tall as me an my dad is a little bit taller than me and my mom he has dark brown eyes an is bald but that's good for him though I mean most men don't look good bald but my dad does considering he's tanner than me and my mom combined an he is super buff than there is my stepdad an he is a little bit taller than my dad he has light brown eyes an he in not to skinny but not to buff ether an my little sister my one and only little sibling has brown hair light brown eyes an tan skin like my mom an for a 6 year old she is pretty tall but only because he long legs... Oh an I forgot me, I've already told you about everyone else an only little things about me here and there but I have long black hair that goes down my back I'm the same height as my mother which is 5'6 an I have dark brown eyes like my dad an I have tan skin not too tan like my dad but just in between my moms tan skin and my dad's tan skin){you see my mom is only tan because she is Irish Mexican Italian an many other things as for my dad he is African American and Indian. So for me I have the shortness from my Irish family an my accent from my Mexican and Italian family an I get my tan skin and black hair from my African American side of the family and my other facial and body features from my Indian side of the family but what in really trying to say is than the inside and outside if my body is the way it is because the MANY different cultures I have in my mom and dad's side of the family} but back to life I gave all my princess presents to my little sister an she took them up to her room as for me I took all my money which is a total of 400$ I have a lot if family an a lot of them are super rich cause they know a lot of people and/or they are owners of a lot of companies and/or they are super famous so every time it's me or my sisters birthday we always get a home bunch of birthday money to use to ether spend on something or safe for something but ever since I turned 13 an my mom first told me about my collage/wedding/house account that she has been making to me and the one she also has for my little sister I have been putting most of my birthday money into that account than keeping the rest of it as spending money for whenever me and my bestfriends wanna go out. "Hey Chantal stop thinking or talking to yourself so damn much how many times do i have to tell you that now come on and join us" Marie said "okay I'm coming" Marie Charlie Anna Logan and I are hanging out in my room with a couple of my cousins that are around my age an we have the music blasted while some of us are dancing an some of us are playing games like never have I ever but with juice because I don't drink "never have I ever had sex" one of my older cousins said an some of my other cousins drank to that "never have I ever kissed someone" "does it have to a girl or a guy" my cousin debie said "it doesn't matter" my cousin jr said an everyone except me drank to that everyone including me has said something relationship if body wise and I haven drank my Juice once this hole time but yet most people were ether already done or almost done "wow cousin you haven't done any of this at all" my cousin Sean said to me "no I haven't in never even liked a guy before let alone down any of this stuff" "Aweh it's okay cousin you'll do this stuff sooner or later" he said back to me.

It was now 2am and everyone was at their own homes now but I was to tired to drive Anna Logan and Charlie home so they stayed over I set up a blow up mattress on the floor for Logan and Charlie to sleep on an as soon as they laid on it they fell fast asleep as for me Anna and Marie we were still up sitting in my bed in our footy-pajamas{my bed is only big enough to fit three people..and don't worry Logan and Charlie are wearing there footy-pajamas too} "well I'm tired I'm going to sleep" I said to Anna and Marie "okay goodnight they both said I got into the covers laid my head on my pillow and fell fast asleep.

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