What I Need

"You are the piece of me, I wish I didn't need."


1. Getting To Know You

"What'd you think?" I heard my Mum ask as I laid on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and all my Dad did was grunt in response.

"Yeah, beautiful." He didn't even look up from his paper work.

"Max, you weren't even looking. This is important unless you want our wedding to turn out like Claire and Johns..." Mum growled again.

"Babe, the weddings like two months away." Dad looked up, once.

"The brides maid fitting is tomorrow and one of my brides maids is at school and the other ones over there auditioning from Britain's Got Lazy." I knew she was referring to me.

"Hello. I'm right here you know." I turned my gaze over to the table they were sat at.

"My mother is even less interested in dresses than you are and-"

"I don't wanna look at dresses because I don't need to. I'd marry you in a hessian sack because you're beautiful. It's not about the dress, babe." He held her hand as I just rolled my eyes.

"Please, get a room." I shouted.

"Right, I'm gonna go see my Mum." She turned her gaze towards me as she stood up. "If she's still on that couch when I get back you'll be marrying me in prison."

"Lauren, get off that sofa." Dad looked at me as I just closed my eyes. "Get dressed, make yourself presentable."

"Erm, why?" I asked.

"Because I'm gonna give you a job." I looked confused as I shuffled towards the stairs with my blanket still around me.


I stared at the Car Lot thinking of what to draw. When my Dad said he had a job for me, this wasn't what I had in mind. I honestly think he just wants me out of the house so Mum's off his back, classic parenting. I sighed as I heard a voice from behind me.

"Careful, wind will change." It was my cousin, Justin and his usual perky self.

"Yeah well that must've been what happened to Uncle Derek then." I giggled a little looking down at my paper.

"Ha yeah, funny." He paused looking at my drawing of the Car Lot. "That's really good, what's it for?"

"My stupid dad's got me doing some stupid advert for the stupid local papers."

"What's so stupid about that?" He asked.

"Me. Because I can design the look but I can't do the slogan."

"D'you want some help?" Justin asked looking down at me.

"What do you know about advertising?" I sighed.

"About as much as you." He giggled.

"Kay. You're hired."


"Alright I'll see you later." Dad finally finished his phone call as Justin and I stood in the office with my sketch. "Jack's throwing a surprise party for Sharon but he dunno how old she is."

"Why don't he just ask her?" Justin said kinda sarcastically.

"Yeah, exactly.

"Party? Yeah?" I smiled.

"No. No party for you until you've sorted all this out." Dad sat up slightly.

"Okay..." I placed my sketch down in front of him.

"Branning's. A brand you can believe in." I heard him read from the paper. "Yeah, it's not a bad start."

"Start?" I echoed.

"Well I like the concept, Lauren. It's just the message, it's gotta be a bit sexier." He looked out of the window. "Another victim out there."


"What does that even mean?" I sat up on the sofa while Justin was leaning against the door frame. "I'm not being funny but it's a Car Lot. What's sexy about that?"

"I've got Brannings Bangers." Justin read from the paper as I screwed my face up. "Max's Meaty Motors."

"Oh dear god." I laughed at that last one.

"You should do that more often." Justin pointed out.



"Shut up." I smiled looking away as Mum entered.

"Aw, he's right. It's nice to see you smiling." Mum began. "Actually it's nice just to see you sitting up."

"Hilarious. Wait, I've got it. It's not about sex, it's about love. You love your car..." I began with a smile on my face.

"You make a commitment to it."He repeated after. "We're done."


I finally made my way to the club where Sharon's birthday party was being held. Fortunately, Justin worked behind the bar so he was able to see all our hard work being appreciated, or hated, by my Dad.

"Branning Brothers, a commitment to excellence... A commitment to you." Dad read from the sketch as I and Justin smiled. "That's good, Lauren. That's really good." He nodded as he gave Justin thirty pound for the drinks.

"Alright, line them up." I smiled.

"Oh, no thanks." Lucy shook her head.

"Whit?" I questioned.

"Oh, it's too early for me."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I stared at her.

"Nothing, it's just what I said." She looked back for a few seconds. "I'm gonna go call Tyler."

After a while, we all joined a table and everything was going fine until Lucy decided to leave us.

"What, where are you going?" I looked up as Justin walked over.

"I've gotta get back to work." She turned to Justin and kissed him on the cheek. "See ya."

"Another one?" He looked at me.

"Yes please." I smiled as Whitney just shook her head and scowled at Justin.

"Okay, what is your problem?" I turned my gaze towards her once he left. "You're treating Justin like dirt."

"No I'm not, he's working... he should keep his distance." She defended.

"Yeah, well I know who I wanna keep my distance from." I sighed, stood up and made my way over towards the bar as Whitney soon left. "Good riddance! She was treating you like dirt!"

"Oh no, She was just venting... it's nothing." He shook his head.

"Venting about what?"

"I kissed her a couple of weeks ago, she's got a bit hung up about it..." He said without a care in the world.

"WHAT?!" I was literally mind blown. "She's got a boyfriend... You've got a girlfriend!"

"Alright Lauren, It was nothing serious. She was getting all in my face so I thought I'd prove a point, that's all." I just rolled my eyes and leaned on the bar. "I really liked today... we should do it again."

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