Graffiti love // zm fanfic


2. chapter 2

chapter two

The annoying sound of my phone alarm sounded through the room. I open my eyes to be blinded by the sun light from out the window.

"Fuck," I curse and roll back which end up making me fall down from my bed. I groan in pain as my butt is taking a lot of pain. My alarm clock still doesn't stop. I crawl over to the night table lamp and slam my fingers to my phone screen. Taking it in my hand, i check the time.


I run towards the bathroom quickly after i saw the time. I'm so gonna be late. I quickly wash up my face. There is no time for showering. Its Mr Adam's last day. After i was done with my face washing, i run back to my room with my tooth brush hanging out my mouth.

I change into my floral dress and a black leather jacket. The mint of the tooth paste touches my tongue and slowly it began to spread the mint. I ran back to the bathroom and spit it out. Rinsing my mouth real quick.

I head back to my room and take my school bag, keys and my phone. I check my phone while fast running down the stairs. Amanda is already on her way to school. Putting on my docmart boots, i head over my car and drove off.


I arrived at the school faster than yesterday. Due to not a heavy traffic and my speeding. Amanda is standing eagerly outside the school when i arrived at the parking lot.

I park my car and run up to her(don't worry the car is locked ha). "You're late, come on." She pulls me in and I nearly hit the other closed door. What a great best friend. Both of us run up the stairs and down the hallway.

Amanda didn't bother knocking. She open the door and she accidentally kick the other close door and fell over while gripping my hand which made the both of us trip over. I heard the whole class gasp at us. I glance up and saw Mr Adam smiling at me. But he wasn't alone. There is this guy next to him.

So tall, fit and handsome. Our eyes locked for a very long amount of seconds. He wasn't smiling. He just stared at me but his eyes shining makes me stare at him more. I admit he does look intimidating but i wasn't interested.

"Melody! Stand up!" Amanda shout snapping me out of mine and the gorgeous man gaze. "ugh sorry," I stand up and taking my bag from the floor. I help Amanda. Both of straighten our dress. I look at Amanda as she stares at the gorgeous man and i could saw her pupils dilate.

"I understand both of you are late but we don't have the time to talk about it, sit back on your sit." Mr Adam speaks. I walk towards my table and settle down.

The class is too quiet. I know the class is quiet all of the time but today, its way too quiet. Only the talk in between Mr Adam and the man could be heard. I pat the girl in front of me and she turns around."Why is the class too quiet ?" I ask, whispering.

"Are you blind or what ? Can't you see Mr Adam and Mr Malik there," She points toward the teacher.

"Yeah, so ?"

"His our new Art teacher. Every bitch in this class fancies him already." My mouth hangs open.

"I fancy him too" Amanda speak. My mouth still hangs open. What can't they see my big mouth hanging open ? "uh... okay, face the front pretty bitch." I wave my hand at her. Once she turns back to the front, i slap Amanda's arm.

"You fancy him ? He looks like.. like.. i don't know a.." I was lost at words. I don't really know how to describe him.

"Melody, you may not like him but i need to sleep with him someday." All the class turns around and glare at Amanda. Amanda harshly whisper a loud 'what'. "Whatever." I mumble back.

"Melody, Amanda, you two were late so i might have to introduce again. This is Mr Malik, he will be teaching all of you for your last semester," Mr Adam tells. I look at Amanda watching Mr Malik with keen.

The school bell rang indicating class is over. All the student left the class slowly. Some even tried to talk to Mr Malik but he pretends that he did not hear. Once the class is empty, Amanda and i walks up toward Mr Adam.

"Hi Mr Malik, i am Amanda Collins," She held out her hands to shake Mr Malik. I could see Mr Malik feeling uncomfortable with her which made me laugh mentally in my head.

He turns to look at me but i look away. I did admit he looks intimidating but again, his a teacher and i'm a student. I sound like a pussy now.

"I have something to-" Mr Adam was cut when Amanda speaks.

"You're so fit," Amanda say, touching Mr Malik arm. My eyes nearly popped out. She's such a bitch. She already has a boyfriend and shes flirting with the man.

Well now i sound like i'm a bitch for calling her a bitch. Oh bitch.

"The both of them are my favorite students Mr Malik, i treat them like my own daughter," Mr Adam say. I look towards Mr Adam to see him smiling at me.

"Stay in contact alright," Mr Adam says. I lean in and hug him tightly. This will be our last goodbye. I can never have anyone like him. His my favorite teacher, father, a good listener and always there for me. But now, i don't have him to be there for me anymore.

"Take care Mr Adam," I mutter at his shoulder. Tears running down my cheek. I'm gonna miss Mr Adam a lot.

"I just wanna tell that i love you dad," I say. I hear Mr Adam gasp as he tightens the hug. I'm gonna miss him so so much.

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