She was addicted to adrenalin, He was addicted to her.


3. chapter 2


After realizing what an arrogant jerk Harry is, I decided to stay and chat with Niall until Harry was all moved in. I figured it would probably do us both best to minimize the times we have to talk to each other no matter how hard that might be, being roommates and all.

"So you never did say how you and Harry know each other...." I asked Niall.

"Oh well back in high school we were the pride and joy of every party. We would be at any and every party and if we weren't there everyone knew those parties were shit. We were basically the guest of honors at all the parties.. First priority at the keg, free drinks, rooms all for ourselves and our ladies... We got the whole package and were treated like gods." Niall stated proudly.

"Wow please hold your modesty in! So do you know why Harry's here?"

"Same reason I was here three years ago... Drugs and alcohol. He was here last year for it so I'm assuming it's still the same reason...Oh! Just a warning he has a super short temper and anger issues... It'd be best not to antagonise him.." Niall hinted at my rude ways.

"Hey! I do no such thing and am offended you'd ever think that!" I over dramatised and put my hand on my heart acting hurt.

Niall just laughed and asked why I was here. Right as a began to tell him, my room door swung open and there stood Harry glaring at me with a smirk.

"You should really get better manners and STOP INTERRUPTING ME ALL THE TIME!" I shouted at him.

"Alright spaz chill out and come look at the room." Harry turned on his heel and took a step into the room.

When I walked in and looked around I realized he rearranged all the furniture. Both twin beds were pushed together to make one king sized bed, both desks were along the back wall and the couch and television made a nice living room.

When I looked at Harry to yell at him I realized how beautiful he really is. Top to bottom he had it all. Silky, curly brown hair messily pushed up, mesmerising green eyes with thick full lashes, pink plump lips that looked oh so kissable, golden tan smooth skin, black shirt covering his long torso and defined muscles, tight black jeans that were so tight they look like they could be painted on, his legs were so long they could go on for days. He had old raggedy brown boots on but they looks so hot on him.

"Ahem I know it's hard to not stare at me- I give you full permission to, just don't let me catch you drooling over me while I'm sleeping got it?"

"Your lack of arrogance is just so refreshing!" I rolled my eyes.

"Oh is lil' Juliet embarrassed that she has the hots for me?" He smirked, squeezing my cheeks.

"Why are our beds pushed together?" I changed the subject while slapping his hands away from my face.

"Oh so we can cuddle the nights away duh."

"Hell no! I wouldn't share a bed with you even if the life of humanity depending on it!" I scowled.

"You're kind of sounding like a terrorist against all of Earth.... Truth be told,there isn't any heat at night- you're going to be absolutely freezing so I, being the manly God I am, shall keep you warm." He said with a smile that promptly showed his dimples.

Attention all stayers lights out is in twenty minutes please finish all activities and get back to your rooms

"Alright I still haven't eaten dinner so I'll be back later." I spoke rudely.

"You're going out now?! Are you stupid? This is when all the crazy people go out... You're probably gonna get killed..." Harry spoke nonchalantly.

"Yeah I'm going out now, I'll be fine." I huffed opening the door ready to be on my way.

"Oh my god you can't go out this will just be one big disaster." He spoke nervously, tugging his hair.

"Well that's sounds like a you problem..." I slammed the door and started walking to the cafeteria.

Harry might have been right... It's freaking pitch black outside and all you can see are people devilishly staring at you and humming. I'm scared, I should have listened to Harry, he may be annoying but he's been here a year longer than me.

" well hello there sweets how are you this fine evening?" A pale, dark haired creep snaked his arm around my waist.

"Get. Off. Me. Right. Now." I spoke through gritted teeth.

"Oh but honey, our night just began!" He grabbed me and slammed me against the brick wall. He clenched my hands above my head with his right hand while his left hand roamed my body. His touch was icy when it went up my shirt and explored the rest of my torso.

"P-please let m-m-me go!" I whispered tears streaming down my face.

As he finished giving me a hicky and roaming my now bra-less chest I heard loud footsteps.

"GET THE FUCK OFF HER RIGHT NOW!" Harry shouted at the man punching him directly in the nose. The man stumbled back clenching his nose which was gushing blood. He walked forward, squeezed my ass and ran away.

"Hey it'll be okay I promise let's just get out of here okay?" Harry comforted my shaking body.

The whole walk back Harry held me bridal position letting me drench his shirt with all of my tears. He would lean down and tell me how strong I was and how everything was going to be alright. By the time we got back to our dorm my crying was down to a whimper with a sob here or there.

Harry was right- it was absolutely freezing in our room. My teeth started chattering so I just plopped onto the couch hoping that the fluffy cushions might warm me up.

"Let's get you changed for bed.. Do you uh want any um help..?" Harry nervously asked pulling his hair, a habit I realized he does when he's uncomfortable or anxious about something.

I just nodded not being able to actually look him in the eyes even though I just wanted to hug and thank him for saving me.

Harry gently took off my shirt swiftly replacing it with the black one he was previously wearing. I would never admit it to him but I loved the way the shirt felt on me and that I could still smell the lingering scent of his colone.

He then slipped off my tight jeans and put a pair of navy blue boxers on my legs. He carried me from the couch to the bed and carefully tucked me in. Harry took off his pants, clad in just his boxers and slipped into bed with me. He pulled me against him, rubbing my back and singing a lullaby to me as I slowly drifted off into oblivion.

Hey sorry this is short. It is short right? I dont know it's my first book I've written please give me feedback and I hope you're enjoying the story xoxox

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