She was addicted to adrenalin, He was addicted to her.


2. chapter 1


The car ride is brutal. My mom keeps looking at me with pure pity in her eyes and my dad looks with disgust. We finally pull into Prairie Ridge Rehab Centre- PRRC- and I jump out of the car. For the first time since hearing about this prison I'm actually excited to be here... No more miserable lectures from my parents for a solid month!

We walk into the lobby of PRRC and it looks like a hotel: chandelier, piano, fancy carpet- it has everything. We walk towards the front desk check myself in and off to my new room we go. Once we're at the second floor I find the corner room, room 13B. When I walk in I feel like I'm back in my dorm room- two desks, two beds, to closets, a mini fridge, an extremely small bathroom and surprisingly a small couch and television.

"Do you want us to help or..." My dad mumbles taking my out of my own thoughts.

"Oh uh no I'm fine you guys can go I'll see you next week for family therapy remember..?" I try to act excited about seeing them but how can I? They both blame me for my brothers death and profess their burning hatred to me once a week.

" um okay I guess that will work.. Ha- have a fine time darling." My mother whispered in a daze.

I gave my parents an awkward hug and walked them out of my room. Just after they left I got a knock on the door. When I opened it, a perky blonde boy was smiling back at me.

"Hey Juliet right? We'll I'm Niall and I'm kind of like your guidance counsellor and dorm adviser all in one. I'll make sure everyone is i their own rooms at lights out and I'll check up on you progression here too! If you have any questions just ask, I'm literally right down the hall!" Niall chirped at me.

" Yeah I'm Juliet... Alright thanks for letting me know! I do have one question: when does my roommate get here?

" oh Harry? He should be he any second! You'll know him by the curly hair, many tattoos and black jeans he always wears. He looks and acts intimidating but I swear he's cool.. We used to be buds." Niall smiled, reminiscing at old memories.

" o- okay...? Why'd you stop being 'buds'?" I asked putting air quotes around buds.

" oh well long story but basically-" Niall got interrupted as a tall, lean angel appeared next to him.

" Uh excuse me you're blocking my room..."

Niall forgot to mention I'd know him as being the most beautiful thing I'd ever lay eyes on...

"Oh. Oh! You must be Harry Styles right? I'm Juliet Calder. I'm your roommate... I haven't moved in yet so you can pick which side you want." I rambled... RAMBLED I swear normally I can talk to guys- I'm basically a slut but Harry... Damn!

"Okay... Can you try to talk less and be less peppy maybe? It'd be a big favour so thanks." Harry spoke while rolling his eyes and patting my head.

" alright sorry for trying to be nice but I can see that's off the table with you right? You're just some punk-ass hipster?"

" Oh Juliet this shall be quite the experience rooming together won't it?" The smirk he wore was mesmerising almost as much as his bright green, devious eyes.

Authors note! Sorry if there's a font change half way through i dont know how to change it! Sorry for how short this is I swear the chapters will get much longer! Please tell me what you think and any ideas you have for this story

Lots of love lauren:)

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