The Tartarus Games

Due to the failings of the seven of the prophecy. The Gods have decided that the fate of the first seven shall commence each year. Annually seven demigods are chosen, and sent down to the depths of Tartarus to fight to the death. The winner receives eternal life.

Let the Tartarus Games begin!


2. the selection

We all shaded our eyes as the Gods descended from original to human form. After they had changed I saw the remains of one kid being swept away, obviously he had looked - the pure energy incinerates you.

Zeus and Hera, presented themselves at the front. A quick whistle brought a satyr to them, in his horns laid a bowl filled with paper strips. As the creature appeared in front of the two olympians, the speech began. "10 years ago, there was a great prophecy, in the great prophecy were seven demigods, alas, they did not fulfill the prophecy and instead failed, ensuing terrible consequences in the heavens, as of such, since these were the best, we have deemed the rest of your kind unfit for service and instead you now compete in what is called the Tartarus games, of which, each year, seven demigods are taken into Tartarus and must fight to the death, the winner receives eternal life. In doing this we hope to create a new breed of demigods, ones that will not fail in our time of need." Hera and Zeus moved either side as last years victor stepped in between them. Zeus' voice boomed "Last Years victor, Jeremy Stellar, Son of Nemesis shall pick out the names of the seven." That kid was a nasty piece of work, slit peoples throats in their sleep. He used to use the flesh to lure monsters towards the other demigods.

The first name was "Kallum Davison, son of Eirene." He would be knocked off quite soon, son of the goddess of peace wasn't very helpful in this kind of incident. Next was "Sheila Haln, Daughter of Hypnos" the best she could do was terrorizing people in their dreams with being a daughter of the God of sleep and all. The third name to be called was "Avery Tobias, Daughter of Hades" She was nice but kept to herself, but was quite creepy sometimes if you didn't know her. "Dillion Barker, Son of Enyo" I believe one of his siblings helped the seven, Reyna her name was, but she was of the Roman side..."Harper Jall, Daughter of Khione" my heart was starting to beat faster knowing that there was only two names left, I may survive another year. "Ansel Dieth, Son of Deimos" that kid was crazy, it was in his nature being a son of the god of dread and lord of terror. The last name rolled out before I could think "Lucia Montoyo, Daughter of Apollo."

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