The Tartarus Games

Due to the failings of the seven of the prophecy. The Gods have decided that the fate of the first seven shall commence each year. Annually seven demigods are chosen, and sent down to the depths of Tartarus to fight to the death. The winner receives eternal life.

Let the Tartarus Games begin!


1. Selection Day

The wind blew strands of hair into my eyes as i sat inhaling the smell of sweet strawberries. The sun was just rising over the hill. It might be one of last sunrises i ever see, the last time i smell the sweetness of the strawberry fields, the last time that i am free. Today is the day that the Gods decide the fate of seven demigods. Due to the failings of the seven of prophecy however many years ago, the gods decided, we were ... unfit for service. Therefore, our only use was for their entertainment. Thus was born the Tartarus Games. In order to suffer the same fate as the seven the chosen few are sent into the depths of Tartarus to fight to the death.

I had been dreading this day all year, just as i had every year. We were eligible for the games at the age of fourteen, it gave us two years after our claiming to practice in our specialities. Before then we learnt regular combat.

Brushing the dirt off my jeans i got up to walk back down the hill. I could already hear the cabins up and awake. Everyone got up early on the day of the selection. We were to be sat in rows of our cabins on the lawns in front of the big house by seven o'clock. It meant that the chosen ones could be taken to mount olympus to be prepared for their most likely impending doom. The Ares campers were running around and shouting, having small battles to practice for the real thing. They all seemed to enjoy this, it was in their nature to fight and destroy. Along with them was the children of Nike. Wining was a great honour to them and they would never settle for second best. As I walked back down to the cabin circle i thought about what i would wear. They provided clothes to us when we arrived there but we had to wear items to the choosing. They had to represent your cabin, orange was not allowed, neither was the CHB t-shirt, the only unity allowed was between the cabins.

I wandered down to cabin 9, the cabin dedicated to my father - Apollo. I was approached by my best friend, Lucia. "Hey! Kirsty!" She ran over and gave me a hug. Somehow still full of her usual happiness despite it being selection day. "What are you going to wear today?" She enquired, i glanced down at her top, it had the picture of a swan on it - our fathers sacred animal. "Um something to do with apollo i guess?" I walked into out cabin and sat down by my bunk. As i began to rummage through my clothes a small shudder overcame me. This could be the last time I'm in here. Pushing the thought aside i grabbed a yellow band t-shirt with lyrics all over it and some shorts. Being summer it wasn't cold - it was best to expose ourselves to the sun. Being children of the sun God and all, it affected us in a ... Good way.

After grabbing my sun yellow sneakers i ran outside to the front lawns. Many were already there, i jumped onto the end of the Apollo row and waited for the ceremony to begin.

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