I'm A Monster

A somewhat dark poem but a poem.


1. This Shell Of Mine

I feel like a monster

Walking about everyday

In the flesh of a human

Always causing mayhem

Never nothing but trouble

I constantly hurt everyone

I know some even wish for my disappearance

Not like walking with a curse isn't a burden

I'm trapped within this shell

This monster  who moves by my thoughts

This monster who acts by my words

I can be easily consumed by my self

If I ever break free what would be my fate

Would the real me ever been missed

The monster now a  corpse burning in sin

I'm in deep slumber in the light but kept in the dark

When I finally rise my real battle would begin

Those who hated me and who love me enough to kill me

Like a monster I revive my shell just to escape

Finally free but on a path to eternal solitude.

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