It All Starts At The End


Party's, Boyfriend's, Friend's & Family were all over rated for Marina Smith. She had herself and that's all she needed. The one's she adored ignored her, and the ones who adored her she ignored, until one sunny morning when she awoke to find that everything really begins at the end.

*contains mild language*
Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2014 It All Starts At The End

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


14. Questions for the readers

Hi guys,

without a doubt, this is still one of my favourite short stories I've ever written.

I can't believe it's been 2 years and yet the reads still increase.

I really just want to know what type of story you guys would want next as I can't really get back into writing for the other 2 Movella's.


Let me know in the comments section! :) and thank you for reading :) x


PS: If you liked this Movella check out my new one: The Corner of Fifth Street

The chapters are quite short (purely to avoid confusion) but there will be plenty! Thank you for the 492 reads on 'The Corner of Fifth Street' already!


If you have any friends you think may like either of these stories then spread the word. Thank you guys once again :) x

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