It All Starts At The End


Party's, Boyfriend's, Friend's & Family were all over rated for Marina Smith. She had herself and that's all she needed. The one's she adored ignored her, and the ones who adored her she ignored, until one sunny morning when she awoke to find that everything really begins at the end.

*contains mild language*
Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2014 It All Starts At The End

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


8. Chapter Seven

"Umm, you're going have a little gremlin crawling around the place in less than 9 months..."

"What? Wait, no, you're, you're pregnant?!"

"Yeah..." I replied uncertain if he was happy or not.

He clasps his hands on his head and ran them through this hair and then hugged me.

"Babe." He said and then he did the cutest thing ever. He kissed my stomach and said, "I hope it's a boy first so we can teach him how to treat ladies and stick up for his sister." And damn did I fall even harder for him.

My dad walked in as Matt was kissing my stomach and he knew right away what was going on. I don't know what happened to my dad but he started crying. Again! For the second time. I didn't know the man had emotions. He walked towards us and hugged us both. I didn't think it could get any cuter.

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