It All Starts At The End


Party's, Boyfriend's, Friend's & Family were all over rated for Marina Smith. She had herself and that's all she needed. The one's she adored ignored her, and the ones who adored her she ignored, until one sunny morning when she awoke to find that everything really begins at the end.

*contains mild language*
Copyright © 2014 by bella zaffino
Copyright © 2014 It All Starts At The End

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form


5. Chapter Four

I phoned Hilary the next morning. I guess you could say it was kind of a new routine. It was great I could tell her anything and everything.

"My dad, you're right, he's changed and, and it's great. Him and Matt were having this conversation and I found it so cute how they were bonding and getting along and my dad really likes him. An-wait are you there?"

"No, that breathing you hear is coming from you even though you're rambling on. Like yes I'm here stupid. But that's great Reen. I'm happy for you. Me and Joe are a thing now so maybe me, you, Matt, and Joe can go out together yanno?"

"Yeah sure, maybe in two days?" I replied.

"Yeah that's perfect, Joe and I will pick you both up at yours around 7 okay?"

"Okay." I said as I hung up and messaged Matt to come over.

"Hey," I said as Matt walked in.

"Hey," he replied as he kissed me hello.

"Sleep well?" he asked as he wrapped his warm arms around my bare waist.

"Mmm, could've been better. You?"

"Yeah would've been better for you if I was with you holding you in my arms. I know, I know. But yeah it was alright." He said.

I couldn't help but laugh at him, he's such a dork but I love him.

He had such beautiful hazel eyes, more green than brown, and such nice light brown hair, and his tanned skin just made him so desirable, so loveable, I mean the six pack was totally a bonus like for sure. I mean I didn't like him just cause he had a six pack. It was gorgeous though. He was gorgeous though, but I mean I mainly love him for who he is not just his gorgeous everything. And still the unbelievable thing is, is he's mine.

We went upstairs and put on a film. It was one we'd both seen before so we didn't have to pay much attention to it. We just laughed at the funny bits and made out during the not so funny ones... There's nothing wrong with that. I mean unless your dad walks in then there's a lot wrong with that because it's awkward and you've got a shit load to explain. Sort of.

"Ahem," he coughed standing in the doorway. "Ahem-hem-hem-h"

"Dad you should get that cough checked out. It doesn't sound right." I said, Matts lips still pressed against mine.

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm going out..."

"Okay, have fun, not too much fun ahah. Bye dad."

And within a minute he shut the door and left the house.

Matt kept laughing.

"I can't believe he didn't kick my ass or something Reen, I was shitting it so I just kept kissing you. I didn't want to turn around and see him."

"I know, me neither. Doesn't the man know how to knock or did the alcohol kill those brain cells. But whatever he likes you so I'm sure he didn't mind." I replied with a cute little smile as he pulled me closer towards him. We put on another film and had little snacks. It was a cute in bed all day date night, however that works.

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. No note. Nothing. Matt was gone and damn did it hurt.

"Hey babe, I didn't want to wake you, you look really cute when you're drooling all over my chest." He said laughing as he walked in with breakfast on a tray.

"Well with that body it's hard not to drool," I laughed giving a cheeky wink. "Aw Matt this is so cute." I kissed him as he placed the tray down on me.

"What's that?" I pointed to a red velvety box on the tray.

"Open it and find out." He said looking at me goofily.

I opened the box and before I had a chance to gasp, to cry, to smile, I was interrupted.

"Marina Smith, I know we're 18, I know we're young, but we're only young for so long, and I might not wake up tomorrow but if I die, I wanna die knowing I'm with you. Will you marry me?"

My hands shook as I placed the box down, moved the tray off me and wrapped my hands around Matt. It was so perfect, so cute, and I just wanted to embrace the moment. After a short amount of silence I finally spoke again.

"Yes!" I said sitting up and kissing him, his hands on my waist but his head further down for me to grasp. It was an aggressive yet passionate kiss and I'd never experienced something as beautiful as that. Other than what happened two nights ago of course.

"I love you Marina Smith."

"I love you too Matthew Cooper."

"Dad?" I said as I walked down the stairs unsteady with my new diamond ring and finance.

"Everything okay Reen?"

"Yeah dad, I've got a question to ask you." I said shakily.

"Yeah. Go for it. Shoot." He said eagerly.

"Will you walk me down the aisle?"

"Marina, Matt, Marina, I, I, yes, congratulations. Yes." And for the first time in 8 years I saw my dad cry. He hugged me and shook. He then hugged Matt, shook his hand and broke my heart when he spoke next.

"Welcome to the family Matthew."

"Thank you Mr. Smith."

I phoned Hilary straight after and Matt phoned Joe. Long story short we both explained everything and when we both hung up Hilary was the maid of honour and Joe was best man. I could happily say everything was perfect.

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