the house on wendover street

when i was a young girl i was always between houses. from visitation with my father to weekends at my grams. I didnt worry too much because my gram and dad lived on the same street...wendover street. one day i was out side the house playing when he grabbed me.....


1. taken

 It happened during the summer. it was hot out and dad had just set up the sprinkler on the front lawn. my twin brother xander was running through the stream of water and i was sitting watching him. i was giggling at the faces he made while running around and my dad yelled " im going to make the lemonade stay in my view". after a few minutes our dog came out with us. we had a young dachshund named rodey he never was a vicious dog untill this day. As i was playing with rodey a man came up behind me and xander he covered our mouths and took us right from our home.  that was 13 years ago to the day. how do i know you ask. well he reminds us every year. this time was different though. this time he was letting us out. not to leave just to be outside and well we were old enough to buy him cigaretts. those were his commands go directly to the store buy him cigaretts and come back. one problem with that you see, you must be 18 and have i.d . we were 18 but we never got our license. i looked at xander and told him we should run. "where though? i dont think dad or gram still live on this street" "well duh i mean run farther than that you see when isaac wasnt watching i wrote letters to my friend hunter kept in touch all these years i say we run there." " sam you know that is a bad idea isaac will probably watch us" "xander he is in the shower he wont know and come on this could be our only chance" from that we walked to the store without talking. not one word. then we both knew... it was our chance.

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