Bikes,Books, and a BoyBand.

Lana Richards, a 19 year old with her own opinion on life.One Direction,the worlds biggest band with screaming fans.There lives come together as one when they pass each other biking.Lana sees the boys as regular people and Louis begins to like that about her, but Lana finds her falling for Louis' jokes and Childishness.


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6



Lana's P.O.V


When Louis drove away I gulped. I knew I had to face my parents as soon as I walked through the door and it was pretty obvious that they were going to kill me. My mother's face literally said it all, it was almost as if her eyes were attempting to murder me.As for my dad he was acting calm and collected as we usual. "Lana where were you!?" I gulped once again." I was at the boys house and I fell asleep so they didn't know if they should wake me or not so they left me." "At a boys house!?"My dad's expression changed in the matter of five seconds. "Yeah but don't worry they aren't into me.Were just friends I swear." "You better be just friends!" My mom and dad were both yelling at me by now and it was starting to give me a headache. I already told my mother about them, I wonder why she didn't inform my father? Well I can see why now, all he did was yell.


Once my parents went quiet , I assumed they were ignoring me so I left. No, I didn't leave the house I just went up to my room like I did any other time. I decided to distract myself with the first thing that came to mind so I could forget about how angry my parents were. I started to see a boy standing in front of me with blue eyes that could make anyone melt and brown hair that was styled upward. Right then and there I knew I was seeing Louis. But I don't want him to be the first thing that comes to mind because I really don't want to fall for him. Plus he's leaving for a tour and I won't see him for a while and that time could change everything. He could meet a swimsuit model for all I know and then he defiantly would not have feelings for me, not like he already does.



I hate that he's famous. I also hate that I'm not pretty. If things were the other way around, I actually might have a chance with him. Might. I laid down on my unmade bed and closed my eyes. I could still see Louis walking towards me with his silly smirk plastered across his face,Shit. This is going to be a long night.After forty minutes of just laying here trying to fall asleep I decided to listen to some music on my IPod. Once I pressed play the sound of Ed Sheeran's U.N.I played softly in my ears.


Eventually I gave up on listening to Ed and I started wondering what Louis liked in a girl. He probably likes skinny girls with long hair and that have a perfect face. The sad part is I look nothing like that. I have brown curly hair that goes a little but passed my shoulders, greenish blue eyes that change colour and I'm not what people label as "Skinny". So I have sit here and live my life being forever alone, Yay me.


The next morning when I went down for breakfast both of my parents were giving me the silent treatment. "You guys can't stay mad at me forever you know?"I stated angrily. My mother rolled her eyes then left the kitchen with my father hot on her trail. I ate toast and peanut butter and had a warm cup of hot chocolate which tasted like water to be honest. Once I was finished eating I headed back upstairs to change. I decided to wear blue skinny jeans and a t-shirt that said 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'. Personally I thought I looked decent for once, hopefully the boys will want to hang out today. Just as I finished thinking of that my phone started to ring, it was Louis.


"Hello?" "Hey love!" He said enthusiastically. I smiled and then giggled. "So Lana are you coming to spend more time with us today?" He asked. "Well Uh if you want me to I could." "Of course I want you to! Lana your practically my best mate!" I smiled again. "Okay well I'll come over, I'll take a taxi." "No! I'll come get you." I sighed." Louis your can't keep picking me up, it costs a lot of money and yo-"He cut me off. " Lana I don't mind spending money on you because I know it's worth it and it means we get to hang out." My cheeks were burning up and were probably red by now. "Oh uh okay." "I'll be there soon, bye." The line went dead and all I could do was smile, Louis is so sweet.



Once I tied my converse and grabbed my sweater I was ready to go. My parents were gone out so I scribbled a quick note explaining that I was out with Louis. Eventually I heard a car horn so I went out then locked the front door, Louis sat in the car looking out the window with a smile plastered across his face.
When I was sat down in the car with my seatbelt buckled Louis and I just gazed at each other for about 30 seconds before I started blushing then I turned away from him.


He started the car again and pulled out of the yard. "So Lana are we gonna speak?" I giggled."Yeah of course!" "So how are you?" He asked not taking his eyes of the road for a second."Great." "Awesome so I think we're going swimming today." "Oh well I didn't bring my swimsuit."I said quietly. "Well just wear what you have on and I'll lend you something when we come back."he smiled at me then went back to focusing on driving.


"Thanks Lou you're the best." I smiled at him. "So you think I'm the best out of One Direction?" He smirked as he turned on to the highway."I didn't say that Lou-" He cut me off."Lana I'm just messing with you." "Oh okay but yeah I do." He smiled widely. "So you do wanna marry me?" Wait what!? "No Louis. I meant that yes I think your the best out of One Direction."


It got quiet after I told him that he's the best in my opinion. What if he thinks I like him? Damn now I have to add Louis to the list of people who are mad at me. Lana why do you always screw things up? Suddenly the music to the Victorious theme song Make It Shine was playing from the speakers. I looked over at Louis who was smiling like an idiot. "Why the hell do you have this on?" "What?!"He yelled as he turned the volume up louder. "You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action! You're never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction, not a fantasy, just remember me.When it turns out right."Victoria justice's voice was singing so loud that my ears were ringing. Louis was singing along and dancing as he drove.



His hand lowered the volume."C'mon Lana live a little, Sing it with me! I know you know the words!" I laughed. He was right I did know the words, I spent countless hours watching the show and going on Youtube to sing along. I know that's immature for a 15 year old to do but whatever. Soon I found myself singing along at the last chorus. Just as I thought it was all over,the song Freak The Freak Out from the show came on. The little shit must've bought the album.I never thought that Louis Tomlinson from One Directio nwould be into Victorious music. Oh well what do you expect? Its Louis.


As we pulled into the driveway Best Friend's Brother was pumping through the speakers. Louis was still really into it. I laughed and shook my head  at him. He smiled the pulled the keys out of the ignition. The two of us got out of the car and walked up to the front door before Louis opened it. He held the door for me and I stepped inside.
"Lana !"Niall yelled as he came running towards me in his swimming shorts. "Hey Ni." I replied and hugged him. The rest of the boys came walking in, they were all in their swimming wear also. "So Lou are you and Lana ready to go?" Harry asked as he pulled the goggles that were around his forehead down over his eyes. I giggled. "No were going to change right now."Louis grabbed my wrist and pulled me up the steps.



"So you can't swim in that." He tated flatly. "Is that an insult Tommo?" I raised an eyebrow. I think I'm flirting with him. Ugh I gotta stop. "Maybe."He winked. Wait what? Did I dream that or did Louis just wink at me? Damn. He entered his bedroom then started looking through his dresser and I stayed in the doorway.  "Lana you should just wear this." He held up a plain black t-shirt. "Uh okay."I replied. Louis threw the shirt at me then he started lifting the shirt he was wearing over his head. My eyes lowered from his face to his stomach area, he has a little bit of abs. AHHH! Why is he so perfect? And why must he have a girlfriend?



"Lana, Uh, you can change in the bathroom if you want?" He said awkwardly as he was moving his hand to his pants. Oh my god he was about to unbotton his pants in front of me!
"Okay." I said quietly and made my way in to the washroom. After I swapped my shirt for his black one I realized how baggy it was on me. But it looks cute on me.Wait I can't wear skinny jeans in the ocean! Should I just go in my underwear? or would that be weird? Then again Louis is 22 and listens to Victorious so I guess its not that weird.


Once I took my jeans I catiously opened the bathroom door to see Louis smirking. "So you're not wearing jeans?" "N-no." I said nervously. I felt self contious because this is the first time I've been around a guy withut wearing pants. "Lets go downstairs."

When we got downstairs the boys were putting their shoes on, I walked over to the couch and sat next to Zayn to tie my laces. "Louis I like those shorts! where'd you get them?"Niall asked with a  full of potato chips. "Uh Hollister? I don't know. My Mum bought them." I felt eyes on me so I looked to my right and Liam was starring at me. Oh no he's judging my legs! Zayn noticed and gave Liam a look , I mouthed the words 'Thank You' to him then smiled.

A/N its been forever since I lasted updated this but I randomly got inspiration today. I'm sorry t took me long time but I had writers block badly. anyway I'll try to update more often :)




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