Bikes,Books, and a BoyBand.

Lana Richards, a 19 year old with her own opinion on life.One Direction,the worlds biggest band with screaming fans.There lives come together as one when they pass each other biking.Lana sees the boys as regular people and Louis begins to like that about her, but Lana finds her falling for Louis' jokes and Childishness.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Lana's P.O.V

I slowly and awkwardly slid as far over on the bed away from Harry. I mean yeah I'm used to him but I only met him the other day, plus I'm not sure if I know him as the real Harry and not for famous Harry. I sighed and reached into my pocket for my cell phone which was now dead, Great my parents are going to literally kill me. Wait a second I stayed the night at their house!Shit! I'm dead for sure now. I began to hear a few voices in the next room, Well mostly Niall's laughing. "Lou Catch!"Liam yelled and I heard a bang just as he said that."Oops"Zayn said.

I stood up and slowly walked towards the door and as I did I noticed I wasn't wearing my clothes from yesterday. I was dressed in a baggy t-shirt from Abercrombie or something like that and these baggy plaid pyjama pants. Wait if I didn't change myself,then who did? Judging by the looks of things I'm going to assume it was Harry.

After I placed my hand on the doorknob, I pulled the door open to reveal a shattered lamp on the floor in front of me. "Hey Lana!" Louis screeched as he walked as close as he could to me without getting glass in his foot.

"Hey"I smiled sheepishly. Zayn and Niall were throwing a watermelon back and forth for some strange reason that I was unaware of. Liam had his phone in his hands and his two thumbs were typing away."So I uh fell asleep here?"I asked nervously."Yeah you did but it's fine, we enjoyed your company." Liam replied with a small smile.

"Oh well you could have woken me up." Louis laughed."We could have but we didn't because we like you Lana." I blushed and smiled widely at Louis. "Um could I maybe use your phone?"I asked. "Sure!"Liam beamed and handed me his cell phone. I dialled my house phone and waited for one of my raging parents to answer.

"Lana where the hell are you!?"My mothers voice screamed out from the phone. The boys all have me concerned looks so I'm pretty sure they could hear her."I'm at a friends place no worries." I sighed quietly. "Are you with those Wanted boys cause if so I'm coming to get you!" "No Mom I'm at One Direction's house." I stated.

"Well you get your ass home right now!" She screeched. I pulled my phone away from my ear and Niall covered his mouth so he wouldn't laugh at my actions. "Okay." I said quietly."We'll talk more about this when you get home."her voice sounded vicious so I kinda wanted to move to China right about now.

"Lana is everything alright?"Zayn asked."Uh yeah but I need to go home." "Well I'll drive you,if you want ?"Louis smirked at me. "Sure and thank you." "But before I go can I change into my actual clothes?"I questioned. "Yeah sure there in the bathroom love."Liam said smiling. Once I swapped myself back into my outfit from yesterday I was ready to leave.

"Thank you guys for everything." I said smiling at all of them,even Harry who had woken up from my mother'a loud voice. "No thank you Lana."Zayn said smiling."Yeah we should be thanking you,you cooked for us!"Niall said enthusiastically. I laughed "It was no problem." "Lana I know that we just go to know each other but we have to leave this weekend." My heart literally stopped when I heard the words fall out of Harry's mouth.

"Oh."Is all I could manage to get out."Yeah we're on tour, but once we're done you could come visit us." "And where is that?"I ask. "Well were moving to Boston after we Finnish up our European part of the tour." They're moving to America! "I see." I replied. "Okay enough chit chat, we can see her before we leave."Louis said smiling.I laughed then we all said our good byes.

Once Louis and I were alone in the van he put the key into the ignition and started up the engine. He started driving down the street towards the highway.We drove in silence for about five minutes before Louis spoke up."Lana, your special you know." What in the name of god is he talking about? "Uh thanks?" "I'm serious,your different. Most girls I know spend their days away in Starbucks and in the mall but you,You spend your afternoons watching Netflix or reading.You barely watched a chick flick and teenage girls are supposed to be into that stuff ." I blushed and looked down. "Lana, What's your favourite song?" "Um, honestly I don't have one." I said quietly. "Damn."He laughed and smirked. "What?"I asked. "Your different,that's all.""Okay but why did you ask for my favourite song?" He laughed again."Well,I wanted learn as much as I could about you before we go." I blushed and laughed."That's ridiculous."I shook my head as I continued to laugh.

"I like you Lana." Louis Tomlinson just told me he liked me , as a friend of course. I wish he seen me as more than a friend because I actually think I'm starting to fall for him. "I like you too."I giggled. At that moment I realized we were at my house and my mom was looking out the window through the curtains waiting for my arrival. "Uh I better go."I stated. "Yeah."

"Bye Louis."

"Bye Lana,I'll text you,Okay love?"

"Okay." I laughed at the thought of saying 'Okay' because it made me think of Hazel and Augustus. But I'd rather not get into that because that's a different love story.

Maybe 'your different' will be our always Louis? Yeah no he doesn't even see me like that. Just as a friend and that's all it will ever be and I know it.

A/N is the story okay so far? I know there's spelling and stuff to go over but what I mean is ,is it a good story? Please comment!


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