Bikes,Books, and a BoyBand.

Lana Richards, a 19 year old with her own opinion on life.One Direction,the worlds biggest band with screaming fans.There lives come together as one when they pass each other biking.Lana sees the boys as regular people and Louis begins to like that about her, but Lana finds her falling for Louis' jokes and Childishness.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lana's P.O.V

A bicycle Is how I, Lana Richards met the biggest boy band in the world.Okay so maybe it was more of a bicycle ride,but bicycles still have something to do with it. See, I don't believe in fairy tale endings or wishes coming true, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. For most of my life I realized that I needed to recognize these reasons but I could never find them, but that all changed on May 21st,2012.

The day started out like most spring days did in London,a bit of sunshine along with a bit of rain.My Mom and Dad were cleaning out the attic and the sound of the vacuum cleaner woke me up.I yawned and stretched my arm to grab my phone, fifteen notifications for Facebook.

I don't even know why I made Facebook, I guess it was to socialize with half of my family that live away and that I clearly didn't know. I basically dragged my self downstairs to the kitchen, 1) because I was too lazy too move.2) I didn't care about rushing because I have no where to go 3) because I was practically up all night watching Life Unexpected on Netflix.

Once I made myself a peanut butter sandwich, I poured a glass of green ice tea and walked into the living room feeling content. I grabbed the remote off of the fire place and decided to switch to Netflix to watch the last episode of LU (Life Unexpected).

When I was about 30 minutes into the show my parents came downstairs along with ancient vacuum cleaner they salvaged from my grandparents.

"Oh your awake? I thought you were still asleep"Mom asked.

"You know me, quieter than you think" I faked her a small smile then focused back on the tv screen.

"We're going into town today,are you up for it ?"My Dad questioned as he wrapped the plug around the prehistoric vacuum.

"Yeah sounds fun" I mean yeah it's going to boring cause my parents are going to be there but there is lots of things to see in downtown London. We moved away from downtown London 2 years ago and I still haven't seen everything there even thigh we used to live there,weird I know.

A few hours later we were in the car and some weird indie/pop song was on the radio.My mom was singing along. Although she hasn't heard the song a day in her life,she acted as if she memorized every word.My dad was quieter and wasn't as outgoing as mom. I was like him. Well technically I inherited a gene from him, but let's not discuss the science of where babies come from.

"Lana, there's a place over there where you can rent bikes and drive around the streets for a few hours."My Dad motioned to a bike rack filled with bikes and a small stand near it.There was a lady in about her late 40's standing there.Her face was sorta aged from what I could tell and her brown hair had a few strands of grey.

"That sounds fun, sweetie you should go for a ride while we go shopping"Mom smiles at me. "Alright"It actually does sound like fun, considering that my parents aren't going.

About five minutes later my parents dropped me off on the side walk along with twenty pounds.So I made my way over to the stand near the bikes."Hello " The woman smiled brightly at me so I smiled back to seem polite."Hi"I replied. "What can I do for you?" I smiled again,this lady was really nice."Um well I'd like to rent a bike for about 3-4 hours?" She smiled Brightly once again"Sure, your name is?"

"Lana"I stated.

"What a pretty name you have"I smiled "Thank you"

"Okay so here's a number card for you to put in the bike, I've set it up for 3-4 hours"She announced. "Great thanks"I said. "Have fun"she smiled one last time at me before I turned away and went over to the bikes.

I put the card into the slot on the front of the bike and pressed the button that had the words 'Begin'. Once I was seated with my feet on the peddles , I was ready to adventure.The rain had cleared up quite a bit but there was only a little bit of sunshine.Well technically the reason for this is because it's May and I'm in London. I began to drive Down the side streets and over this bridge with a park with a park underneath.Children were playing on swings and slides as there parents gossiped on the benches close by.

Eventually an hour had passed and I was stopped at Tim's Coffee to grab a drink.I went inside and the scent of coffee filled my nostrils, it was extremely strong for some reason.Soon enough I was back outside with my latte in hand.I looked across the street to see five bikes just like the one I was using.I'm guessing a family or a group of friends had rented them for the day.Too bad I couldn't do that with my family,most of my family lives in Leeds,as for us we live in Chelmsford.

Suddenly five boys came walking out of the smoothie store and went over to their bikes.One of the boys was tall and had curly hair but it looked like he brushed it or something.There was a blonde guy, but you could tell it wasn't his natural colour.The curly haired guy turned to another guy with dark black/brownish hair and started a conversation with him,But Blondie continued to drink his smoothie.Behind the dark haired guy was two boys with brown hair, one had his hair buzzed cut and the other had his up. For some reason I thought they looked a lot like One Direction, the boy band that was all over my tv,phone and computer. I decided to go across the street to investigate my suspicions.

Once I was closer they were on their. Bikes coming towards me, and I was right it is One Direction.Harry was leading the way with Liam and Louis not far behind,but Zayn and Niall were slowly following. I never realized but these boys are actually some what attractive.Suddenly I felt the front tire swerving , I quickly tried making the handles face the opposite way but fell off on to the concrete . When I looked down at my self my leg was bleeding and there was hot latte all over me so my body felt sore all over.But I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked up ,Harry Styles was kneeling down right beside me.

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