A Broken family (third book in series)

This is the the third book.

Our lives are still changing some more then others and some people are becoming just a broken family, but hopefully things will change for the better, and if they don't then i don't know what will happen


9. two days before tour

Riley's P.O.V

"so Riley are you and bryan gonna go with me on tour?"

"of course we are"

"thats amazing babe and i talked to them and they said we could get our own bus together, me and you and bryan"

"thats great so when do we leave?"

"we leave in two days babe, do you know if Carrie is coming to"

"she told me she wasn't gonna go and she told me why"

"why is she not coming"

"because she's pregnant"

"does Louis know"

"yeah he knows, but she said she just doesn't want to put a damper on things with Louis if she goes"




Carrie's P.O.V

i had just put Emma down for her nap and then i went downstairs and saw Louis sitting on the couch and then i went and sat beside him and then i said

"Lou i have to tell you something"

"what is it babe"

"i can't go with you on tour"

"what why not?!"

"because i don't want to get in the way"

"your not gonna get in the way babe"

"yes i will and well your gone you should just find someone else to be with"

"babe don't do this again"

"i have to i can't keep holding you down you use to go party with the boys and always hang out with them and now that i'm pregnant again and ever since i told you about Emma all you do is stay home with us just please go Louis and please don't come back"


then he left and when he left i called Zayn, Zayns always been like a brother to me

when he answered i told him to come over and i told him what had happened, and then he came over and when he came over i opened the door and he saw me crying and then i hugged him and i said

"can you please stay here tonight i don't want to be alone and i don't want to call Harry and me and Louis just broke up"

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