A Broken family (third book in series)

This is the the third book.

Our lives are still changing some more then others and some people are becoming just a broken family, but hopefully things will change for the better, and if they don't then i don't know what will happen


7. First day as a family

Riley's P.O.V

once we got to Nando's i ordered food for me and Niall practically ordered the whole menu, and he ate it in like a little over half an hour and then he went and ordered more, and then Bryan started crying cause he wanted more food then i got out some more baby food and fed it to him, and then i looked at Niall and said

"he's gonna be just like you with food when he gets older i'm gonna have to start buying food for more then three people maybe 6 or 12 people"

i said smiling 

"well there is nothing wrong with wanting to be just like Daddy"

he said and then he kissed me and then he kissed Bryan on his forehead and he said 

"i love you two so much you know that right"

"of course we do Ni, and we love you to"


Carrie's P.O.V

After i was finished making pancakes with Emma we ate them and then she went upstairs to play in her room and then i washed up the dishes and then after i was done i went into the living room and sat beside Louis and then i said


"yeah babe"

"please don't ever let me push you away again"

"i won't and now were gonna have two kids"

"is that what you want?"

"of course it is babe i love you and Emma and whatever this baby turns out to be girl or boy, i love all of you"

then i heard a knock on the door and then i opened it and saw Harry and then i hugged him and when he tried to pull away i said

"please don't let go"

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