Disney/Pixar Facts

Come in for some fun facts about Disney/Pixar!


4. The Incredibles

1. Elastigirl didn't jump into full Super mode until the airplane she and her kids were in blew up.

2. Syndrome's gloves were made of platinum.

3. Dash's full name is Dashiell Robert Parr.

4. Mr. Incredible's original suit was blue, and Elastigirl's was white.

5. Dash is 10, and Violet is 14.

6. When he was overweight, Mr. Incredible weighed more than a grizzly bear.

7. The longest Elastigirl can stretch is 98 feet.

8. When the Supers were banned, Edna Mode worked for supermodels instead.

9. Dash can run 300 miles faster than a jumbo jet.

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