I'm Ida Anderson and I'm 18 years old. For two years ago I dated the one and only Harry Styles.. Everyone thought we were perfect together, even I thought so until the day he left me..but now I'm happier than ever. I live with my mum, stephdad Robin, stephsister Anna and my daughter Darcy. Darcy is Harry's but I'm the only one who knows it cuz he left me before I knew I was pregnant. My mum and Robin got married for one year ago so he and Anna doesn't know anything about me and Harry.


1. welcome home Anna

" ahhhhhahhhahh" I heard my daughter cry. " mummy's coming " I said and went out of my bed to take up my little girl. " are my little princess hungry" I asked her and she started to laugh. " haha that's what I thought" I said. We went down to the kitchen where my mum and Robin sat. " morning my angels." My mum said. " morning" I responded. Robin looked up from the morning paper. " haha good morning Robin" I said. " good morning Ida-Pida" he said and laughed a little. Ida-Pida was his nickname on me. " mum, can you take Darc while I make some oatmeal?" I asked. " of course sweete!" She said and I gave her Darcy. I started with the oatmeal while talking to my mum and Robin. " so Ida.. Remember that Anna's coming home today!" Robin said a bit overexcited. " of course I remember! " I said. " she told me that's she's going to take her new boyfriend with her." My mum said. " yeah I hope he's nice." Robin said. Anna is 20 and have just been in the USA so it's going to be fun seeing her again. " what time will she be here?" I asked. " she'll be here in an hour" Robin said. " an hour?!?!? I need to get ready!" I said. " it's okay sweetie, go and get ready. I'll feed Darcy." She said. " really?" I asked. " yes, go and get ready now!" She said. " thanks mum! You're the best." I said and went up to my room. I went in to the shower and showered as fast as I could. And after that I took some new clothes. Black skinny jeans from dr denim and a white shirt from Burberry. I brushed my teeth, put on some make-up and put my hair in a messy bun. Now it's time to dress my little princess. I went down to get her and then I put in her white tights, a pink shirt with a text on that says mummy's girl and a pink bow tie in her curly light brown hair. " we're ready!" I said and went down to my mum and Robin. " you two look beautiful." Robin said. " thanks" I said. " they're here now!" Mum said and both mum and Robin went out to them. Me and Darcy went in to the living room and waited for them there. " sweetie! Come and say hi to Anna and her new boyfriend!" Mum yelled from the hall. I put down Darcy on the floor so she could play with her toys and then I went out to the hall. I couldn't believe what I saw!

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