I'm Ida Anderson and I'm 18 years old. For two years ago I dated the one and only Harry Styles.. Everyone thought we were perfect together, even I thought so until the day he left me..but now I'm happier than ever. I live with my mum, stephdad Robin, stephsister Anna and my daughter Darcy. Darcy is Harry's but I'm the only one who knows it cuz he left me before I knew I was pregnant. My mum and Robin got married for one year ago so he and Anna doesn't know anything about me and Harry.


2. he's back

Ida's POV.

There he stood, the one who left me for two years ago. I couldn't move. The only thing a thought about was the three last words he said before he left. I hate you. " ehm Ida?" Anna said and waved her hand in front of my face. " oh sorry! Hi" I said and hugged her. " hi I'm Ida.." I said and shook his hand. " I'm Harry" he said. " where's Darcy?" Anna asked. " oh she's in the living room. You want me to go get her?" I asked. " of course" she said. I went in to the living room to get Darcy when I heard Anna and Harry talk. " who's Darcy?" Harry asked her. " she's my niece" she responded. I came back with Darcy and she started to smile when she saw Anna. " looks like someone have missed her auntie" Anna said to Darcy. Anna took Darcy and started to play a little with her. " how old is she?" Harry asked. " she's 1." I said. " Ida, can I talk to you for a sec?" Mum asked. " yeah sure" I said and we went in to the kitchen. " isn't that Harry? Your Harry?" She asked. " yes it's him, but he's not mine anymore mum." I said. " oh sorry! Are you okay with this? I mean, living in the same house as him and everything?" She asked. " yes it's fine. Just don't say anything about me and Harry to Robin or Anna cuz that would just be awkward." I said. " I promise" she said. Everyone sat in the living room now so me and mum went in there too. " so Harry.. Tell me about yourself." Robin said. " ehm okay.. I'm Harry. I'm 22 years old and I'm in a band called One Direction." He said. " that sounds cool. I've heard and seen a lot about you on the internet." Robin said. " I just need to say this, Ida your daughter is really beautiful." Harry said. " thanks" I said. " where is her dad?" He asked. " somewhere? I don't even care. He left me." I said looking down on the floor. " mummy!" Darcy said and looked at me. I think she noticed that I was sad. " sorry I need to do something. Be right back!" I said and ran up to my room. I took my computer and called my three best friends on Skype

- "he's back! " I said

- "who's back?" All of them said

- " Harry" I said

- what?? What is he doing here?!" Maija asked.

- " he's dating Anna.. I got to go girls. Talk to ya later" I said and closed my computer. I heard a knock on my door. " come in!" I said and mum came in. " what's the matter sweetie?" She asked. " remember when I told you that I got pregnant on a party..?" I asked. " yes" she said. " well.. I lied. I didn't go to the party, I went home to Harry. Harry is her dad." I said and started to cry. " oh don't cry sweetie, it's okay. But why didn't you tell me that earlier?" She asked. " cuz you would have been mad on me cuz I was so irresponsible." I said. " oh no I wouldn't be mad. I'm glad you gave birth to her. You and Darcy are the best things that ever happened to me. Besides, I think you're very responsible, you buy clothes to Darcy, you give her food and you give her love. And that's what I call a good and loving mum." She said. " thank you mum!" I said and hugged her. " you wanna go to the mall with us?" She asked. "No I think I stay home, I'm a little tired" I said. " you want me to take Darcy with me?" She asked. " if you want" I said. " good! We'll be back in two or three hours" she said. " okay I love you!" I said and she went down again. I lay down in my bed with my headphones in.

Harry's POV.

I sat down with Anna's dad, Anna and Darcy. I still don't get it, that Ida is a mum. My little Ida. " can I hold her? " I asked Anna. " yeah sure!" She said and gave me Darcy. " hi princess!" I said and she laughed and grabbed my face. " you know Harry.. If I didn't know Darcy then I would thought that she was your daughter cuz she reminds me of you. The hair, the eyes and the lips. Haha." He said " really?" I asked. " haha yeah." He said and laughed. Ida's mum came down again without Ida. " Ida is too tired to come with us so she stays" she said. " where are we going?" I asked. " to the mall" she said. " is it okay if I stay here? I'm really tired after the flight." I said. " of course " she said and the three of them went out to the hall. " Harry can you come with Darcy?"Anna asked. So I did. And when they put on Darcy her shoes and her jacket they left. I thought about Darcy for a while. I left Ida for 2 years ago, she was pregnant for 9 months and now Darcy is 1. That can only mean one thing, I'm the dad.. I went up to Ida's room and knocked on the door. No one answered so I opened the door. She was in her bed with headphones in looking beautiful as always.

Ida's POV.

I turned around in my bed and saw Harry in the doorway? " wtf are you doing here?!?" I asked. " I just want to talk to you. Can I sit down?" he said and pointed to the chair next to my bed. " I have nothing to say to you!" I said. " but I just want to say I'm sorry.. I had no idea that you are Anna's sister and I'm sorry that I left you." He said. " it's too late for that now Harry." I said and tried to hold back my tears.

~ I hope you like it so far! :)

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