California boys (#1Dfanfic)


9. chapter 9

When I get outside Louie is standing by a white BMW jeep. "Is that yours?" I ask admiring the large jeep. "Ya it was only parked round the corner so I brought it around here" he smiles and opens the passenger side door. I walk over, hop in and he closes the door. Where the fuck is he taking me. The park is only a 10 minutes walk from here I'd say, maximum 15mins. "Where are we going the park isn't too far a walk is it?" I ask as he climbs into the drivers seat and starts the engine. "Ah" he stubbles as he nods towards me. Shit I totally forgot the Bloody Mary situation. He must notice the realisation on my face because he opens his mouth to speak. " I'm taking you back to my place to change and shit." He states as he pulls out of park and beings the drive to his house.

20 minutes pass before we reach his house. It's large with cream walls, ivy grows from the walls giving it a nice look. It's lovely really, a lot like my new house. "You coming?" He asks, breaking me from my thoughts. I didn't even notice he had opened the passenger door for me and walked over to the door. "Or are you gonna stay in the car all day and daydream?" He sarcastically questions a smirk enlarging on his face as he sends me a wink. My stomach flutters and I jump out of the car to meet him. Fuck my first day here and so much has happened. It's fucking crazy.

His house is really nice on the inside, it smells of cookies and chocolate. "Come on," he gestures up the stairs "my room is this way" he states with a chuckle as he practically pushes me up stairs. He walks over to his room and I am quick to follow. He opens the door for me before speaking again "you got five minutes in my room before I come in, so I suggest getting Dressed quickly." It comes out like more of a question than statement than answer but a statement none the less. He grins as I race into his room and slam the door shut making minimal nose.

The clothes I bought I tight, too tight for my liking but they give my a nice figure so I don't mind. As I gaze at myself in the large mirror at the back wall of Louie's room I don't notice him run across the room and squeeze my hips as he yells 'boo' in my ear. I jump back and scream quickly at his actions covering my lips with my hands. I look over at him as he rolls on the ground laugh at my reaction to his prank. I can't help but laugh with him. "Get the fuck up you dick" I say to him while laughing, "it's been ten minutes, joke over" I say again as he brings himself to his feet and uses my shoulders for balance. A buzz starts in his jeans pocket and he takes out his mobile phone. "It's Niall" he states glancing over at me worried. "Speaker phone" is all I say and he nods. "Hello" Louie speaks. "Ya, fuck your hello, why didn't ye come back to the the park. I told her mom I'd bring her home and I'm leaving now!" Wow Niall sounds furious. "Sorry man I'll drop her home soon, she's at mine" Louie replies to Niall's harsh told with a calm voice. "K have her home for 10:30." I can Imagine the scowl on Niall's face as he said that. " who are you her fuck mother" Louie laughs before hanging up. I lay down on the double bed in Louie's room as he turns on the TV. He jumps onto the bed beside me leaning up against the headboard, I move my head to his chest and I feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier until they shut completely and I am asleep.

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